The Undead Unluck manga will be entitled to its anime adaptation

Each year, the manga industry highlights its most promising titles. In the lot, some elected officials are often rewarded with an anime adaptation. And on behalf of the year 2022, the supernatural manga of Weekly Shonen Jump, Undead Unluck of these great lucky ones.

Credits: Shueisha

If you didn’t know this title, which is all the rage with the publisher Shueisha, this is the perfect opportunity to discover it.

The big announcement

For the past few days, there have been quite a few rumors on social networks of a possible anime adaptation of Undead Unluck. And while nothing had been officially confirmed, the news fell on August 28 via the franchise’s official Twitter account. Undead Unluck announced on its official account that its anime adaptation will be released in 2023.

This announcement was enough to delight fans of the misadventures of Funko and Andy, the two protagonists of the story. And to properly celebrate this great news, the franchise has released a first key visual that highlights said protagonists. You can take a look at this first visual from the Undead Unluck anime below.

The latest adaptation news

For the moment, there is still not much to put on the tooth given the fact that the announcement is still very recent. However, we already know that there will be two animation studios that will take part in its adaptation. The first, probably the best known, is David Production.

The studio behind the iconic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fire Force Urusei Yatsura, will be the one in charge of this production. He will be assisted by Unlimited Produce, a subsidiary of TMS Entertainment. This studio will take care of the planning and any other additional elements related to the production of the anime.

The Journey of the Undead Unluck Franchise

Written and drawn by mangaka Yoshifumi Tozuka, Undead Unluck is a fairly young franchise since it only made its debut in 2020. With 12 volumes already to its credit, Undead Unluck distinguished itself in its first year in industry by bringing home the Next Manga Award (6e editing).

The following year, it ranked in the top 15 best manga for male readers at the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! That’s already pretty impressive facts for this manga to get such a big boost by getting its adaptation. And this is not the only one in the case since titles like Sakamoto Days, Mashle, Kaiju n ° 8 or Me & Roboco have also obtained their anime adaptation.

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The plot of this manga

In Undead Unluck, we follow a woman named Fuuko Izumo. This seemingly normal girl has been stricken with a curse that will cause anyone she touches to be stricken with bad luck. Ten years ago, more than 200 people including his parents were killed in a train accident. Since this tragedy, Fuuko has withdrawn into herself and leads a solitary life.

One day, while reading her favorite shojo, Fuuko decides to end her life. However, she is far from suspecting what will happen next. It is at this moment that she meets a man who claims to be a living dead. This man she ends up naming Andy just can’t die no matter what. This meeting will change his life and not only for the better.

Have you ever heard of Undead Unluck? What do you think of the announcement of its anime adaptation? What other Shueisha manga would you like to see adapted as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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The Undead Unluck manga will be entitled to its anime adaptation