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Paul Wesley is gearing up to play young James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, but his most legendary stint on television will always be Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. Younger brother Salvatore was a driving force on the show, but his storylines sometimes didn’t quite make sense.

When it came to reverting to a human, he had the short end of the stick, as he did with his human compulsions. From his fighting ability to his supernatural status, there were plenty of plot holes that fans remember to this day and want answers to.

Not knowing about werewolves

Much like vampires, werewolves have been a big part of Mystic Falls history. The Lockwoods had been the founders, just like the Salvatores, and entrenched in the fabric of the city, so it was insane that Stefan and Damon had no knowledge of their existence.

Stefan hadn’t even imagined that werewolves could exist when he was literally next door to them. For vampires around 170 years old, the cruel lack of knowledge about their enemies was a conspiracy. He would have, at some point, heard of them or seen them (because he was a co-founder with them in the city) so fans can’t understand how there could be such a gap in knowledge of Stefan.

When his humanity reignited

The various humanless storylines were considered some of the worst in The Vampire Diaries, but that didn’t change the fact that flipping the switch was a big deal in TVD. In Season 3, a lot of noise was made about Stefan turning it off and becoming a Ripper, but he just managed to turn it back on without any effort.

Reigniting humanity, historically, was a huge feat that involved other vampires coercing them into reigniting it through a lot of manipulation. It took Lexi decades to do it with Stefan, but this time her humanity magically returned, and with no effort or sign. It was a huge plot hole, and fans were never told when he turned it back on and how he pulled off the feat on his own.

Defeat Elijah

The Originals were unbeatable and Elijah had taken down entire armies by himself. Still, Stefan managed to stick it through the heart, along with Damon, with almost no difficulty than usual. Elijah had centuries on the Salvatores, which weren’t even 200 years old.

It was a big mistake on the part of the writers to suddenly make them equal in strength, just so Stefan could save Elena like he usually did. He shouldn’t have lived up to an Original, even with his brother in tow. Stefan was clearly protected by plot armor, but this created inconsistencies as to the strength of the Originals and Salvatores, which differed throughout the show.

His blood having Doppelgänger powers

A doppelgänger was a supernatural being from birth, but becoming a vampire rendered the doppelgänger magic in their blood void, as proven by Katherine transforming into a vampire. However, this law was broken for Stefan, whose blood was still demanded by travelers despite being a vampire.

His blood shouldn’t have helped them cast spells, since he had transformed a while ago. According to tradition, one could have the powers of either supernatural kind, not both. There were a lot of look-alikes that didn’t make sense, and that was one element that proved that Stefan was made to suffer a lot more than the other characters, even if it created plot holes.

His compulsions fade

The Vampire Diaries retconned a lot of stuff, and the fading compulsion was one of them. This problem didn’t affect anyone else, but when Stefan was cured, all the memories he had erased and altered for thousands of people came back to them.

That didn’t happen with Elena, Damon, or even Alaric when they reverted to human form. It hasn’t really been explained why only Stefan was prosecuted by human victims and the police for his crimes, so it remains an unsolved mystery. His character got the worst of the stick most of the time, and this discrepancy really baffled viewers as it seemed like the writers had gone out of their way, illogically, to make him a martyr.

Not being able to fix your car

Stefan was a certified motorhead and his Porsche was more dear to him than his entire life. That’s why it seemed odd to fans that when Katherine loosened a hose in her car, he wasn’t able to find the cause and address it.

It seemed too deliberate, suddenly diluting her abilities with cars for Katherine’s manipulations to work. Stefan was also too smart to fall for his machinations, so it was a definite mistake in the story. He would have known instantly what was wrong with her car since he liked her so much, even telling Lily at one point that she could have her house but not her car.

Save only one person at a time

Being a vampire came with certain privileges, and super strength was one of those powers. Stefan was able to lift cars and fight the Originals, but he was unable to lift more than one person at a time from a drowning car.

When Elena’s car rolled off Wickery Bridge, both times he only took one person at a time, leading to the death of other people. With his muscles, he should have been able to save everyone at once. In fact, it was amazing that it happened not once, but twice – both times he could only take out one person at a time when logically his strength would have allowed him to take out more people.

Don’t end up with Elena or Katherine

As a doppelganger, Stefan was divinely destined to be with one of Amara’s twins. They had been brought together by magic, while Stefan was attracted to both Katherine and Elena, he had none left.

It didn’t make sense, because it should have been impossible for Stefan to resist such powerful and ancient magic. Yet he had broken up with Elena and Katherine before the Traveler’s fate was revealed, when he should have been unable to resist the powerful spell that bound them together. The witches’ magic was too powerful to resist, but only Stefan was able to do so.

Became human with just a full syringe

Stefan was basically good, but he did things that put fans off. Killing Enzo was an unforgivable action, but Bonnie was able to defend herself by healing him. It should have been impossible with just a syringe of the remedy, but it happened with Stefan.

Lore said the cure worked if previously cured people were completely drained until they died, but the same rule didn’t apply to Stefan. He somehow turned back into a human with a few milligrams of Elena’s blood, which should have been impossible. It looked like Stefan was turned into a human just so he could do the same to Damon in the finale, which he also did with a simple injection. The rules kept changing, which gave the public a boost.

Damon almost stole the chance to see Elena again

This one was a convoluted plot, but it was something Stefan would definitely have thought about when he healed Damon. Elena’s curse was still in place, so she wasn’t going to wake up until Bonnie was dead. However, if Damon became human, he would begin to age and die the moment Bonnie did. It meant he would never see Elena again.

This plot revealed the rest of the plot, as Stefan would have effectively taken away his brother’s only chance to see his beloved again. The finale was incredibly rushed and they jumped at the gun, creating a giant plot hole, which challenged Stefan’s motives and deductive abilities.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Stefan Salvatore Plot Holes That Make No Sense | Pretty Reel