The Vampire Diaries: The inappropriate story of Alaric and Elena that Julie Plec did not accept

The Vampire Diaries presented for several seasons the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan. But what no one ever saw was a disturbing relationship involving Alaric. Elena and Alaric’s disturbing relationship The Vampire Diaries fans never saw

The Vampire Diaries is the series about vampires with which the franchise created by Julie Plec began. The drama aired from 2009 for 8 seasons until it concluded in 2017, leaving a couple of successful spin-offs on the screen that continued the fascinating supernatural stories.

Matt Davis’s disturbing proposal for Alaric and Elena in The Vampire Diaries that Julie Plec did not accept

Since The Vampire Diaries first appeared on screen, fans have seen Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) in the midst of an affair with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). A love triangle that over the years was immersed in the supernatural world and fascinated the millions of viewers who remained hooked on their screens.

What no fan imagined was Elena Gilberth having a love affair with Alararic, who was played by Matthew Davis. A character who became her stepfather according to the show’s storyline. According to the actor, at one point both shared some sexual tension.

Recall that in The Vampire Diaries, Elena was the daughter of Isobel (mia kirshner), Alaric’s wife who was turned into a vampire. Nina Dobrev’s character ended up living with her aunt Jenna (Sarah Canning). With the latter and Isobel killed, Elena and Alaric became very close due to their common loss.

Fans also saw Alaric teaching history at Elena’s school, becoming her mentor and training her in fighting supernatural threats. And while fans never got to see a disturbing love affair between these two, Matt Davis believes that if something happened between them, beyond friendship.

“There’s a lot of sexual tension between Alaric and Elena,” the actor told TVGuide in 2012 during season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. “There’s no denying it. I’m surprised she hasn’t snuck into his bed already.”

Matt Davis proposed that Alaric and Elena become romantically involved in The Vampire Diaries.

Later in 2016, Matt Davis met up with The Vampire Diaries cast and creator Julie Plec to talk to TVLine about The CW drama. It was in this interview when he suggested that Alaric, Elena and Bonnie (Kat Graham) should form a love triangle. This, despite the fact that he represents a father figure for Elena.

This was a relationship that only stayed in the mind of Matt Davis, since putting Alaric and Elena in a sentimental situation was not well seen by Julie Plec and The Vampire Diaries fans described it as disturbing.

“I’m not defending this at all, but Matt Davis has taken to Twitter to kick off the Alaric-Elena campaign, which is totally unacceptable,” Plec said, as the cast laughed alongside him.

“If we’re being completely honest about it, there’s one I won’t mention because it’s actually R-rated,” she suggested when asked to elaborate on her stories, the showrunner declined, saying it was “totally inappropriate.”

The Vampire Diaries: The inappropriate story of Alaric and Elena that Julie Plec did not accept