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The Curse of the Werewolfthe first television special of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Although most of the characters in Marvel are heroes and villains, the company also has room for horror classics, such as the Count Draculathe monster of Frankenstein or the Werewolf. This third character is precisely the one that interests us in this article, since jack russellwhich first saw the light of day in Marvel Spotlight #2 (1972), by the work of roy thomas, Gerry Conway Y mike ploogis one of the most famous lycanthropes of the House of Ideasin addition to starring in the special werewolf by nighttranslated in our country as The Curse of the Werewolf.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started with the movie Hombre de Hierro (2008). However, in 2021, it was decided to include direct broadcast series on the platform within the franchise. Disney+being Scarlet Witch and Vision the first to be broadcast in that format. Finally, this year, it has been decided to expand the catalog with television specials. The Curse of the Werewolf is the first of them.

The medium length of The Curse of the Werewolfjust under an hour long, is directed by Michael Giaccino and starring Gael Garcia Bernal (What jack russell), Laura Donnelly (In the role of elsa bloodstone), Harriet SansomHarris (which plays Verussa), Kirk R. Thatcher (which embodies Jovan), Eugenie Bondurant (which gets under the skin of Azarel), Leonarndo Nam (what makes of Liorn), Daniel J Watts (it converts into Barasso), Al Hamacher (which turns into billy swan) Y Carey Jones (As the man thing).

Along with them stand David Silverman (in the role of the musician who plays the tuba), Rick Wasserman (who plays the narrator), Richard Dixon (which embodies the voice of Ulysses Bloodstone), Jeffrey Ford (which takes care of the additional sounds of the man thing) Y eric beck (which gets into the skin of the puppeteer).

The known universe, full of heroes and wonders, but what about the dark? In the modern world it is the place where monsters dwell along with those who proudly hunt and slaughter them. And there are no more prolific hunters than bloodstonewhose patriarch controlled from long ago a powerful and supernatural relic: The blood stone, an incomparable weapon. But now that weapon needs a new master, well Ulysses Bloodstone has died. Tonight is his funeral. Hunters from all over the world have come to him, unknown until tonight, and a ceremonial hunt will decide the new owner of the blood stone. And woe to the monster that crosses his path.

This introduction gives way to the plot, in which we see how six people have attended the funeral of Ulysses Bloodstone with the intention of winning the hunt and being the new owner of the blood stone. Among them, there is elsathe daughter of the deceased, but also jack russellwho has ulterior motives for participating and harbors a secret that will end up altering the course of events.

As the most staunch followers will already know, the original title of this television special derives from the eponymous collection who starred jack russell between 1872 and 1977, with scripts by Gerry Conway and drawings of mike ploogwhose first cover can be seen under this paragraph.

Werewolf by Night Vol 1 1 1

The filming of The Curse of the Werewolf

One of the first details of The Curse of the Werewolf What is striking is the fact that it is shot in black and whitewith the exception of the blood stonewhich we can see in red throughout the entire footage, and the final scenes of the film, surely with the intention of likening it to classic horror movies that, due to their age, were made in black and white.

Although this special is titled The Curse of the Werewolfthe truth is that it took us a long time to see jack russell in his lupine form, since his transformation does not take place until the last fifteen minutes of the footage, which does not mean that we are short of scenes full of action, dynamism and violence.

Marvel - Werewolf by Night

Of course, we must not forget that, despite the innovativeness of the format, The Curse of the Werewolf no longer a product of Marvel. That is why we can see a representation of The Avengers at the beginning of the introduction, in addition to having the participation of other well-known characters, such as elsa bloodstone or the creature they must hunt, that all the followers of the House of Ideas will recognize as man thingwhom we had not seen in audiovisual representation since 2005, in the unsuccessful film Man Thing (The Nature of Fear).

Although this special will meet the expectations of any fan of MarvelYou don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy The Curse of the Werewolfbecause if you like movies starring classic horror characters, this product is also made for you.

The Video Store: The Curse of the Werewolf