‘The Walking Dead’: The creative team talks about the end, that return and the future of the saga

The long zombie journey has come to an end. ‘the walking dead‘, one of the most famous apocalyptic series in television history, has just ended. ‘Rest in Peace’ is the name of the chapter that has been in charge of putting an end to the broadcast of the supernatural series after 12 years and 11 seasons. On the occasion of the closure of a long stage, the ‘The Walking Dead’ team has spoken about the final chapter, its epilogue and the future of the franchise.


*If you haven’t seen the final episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ yet, read no further! We review one of the most important events of the end.

In the final minutes of ‘Rest in Peace’, andrew lincoln Y Dana Gurira they reprise their roles as Rick and Michonne respectively after their final appearances in season 9 (Rick) and season 10 (Michonne). The executive producer of the series and director of the final chapter, Greg Nicoterohas revealed in an interview for comic book that did not contemplate an end without Rick, one of the characters most loved by the TWD public: “The show was always the journey of Rick Grimes. You really can’t finish the story of ‘The Walking Dead’ without Rick Grimes. It didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel authentic.”

Despite being clear that he wanted Rick in the end, Nicotero has also spoken about the process to execute this idea and the doubts that the creative team had about it because of how his return would affect the characters of the series and how it would interfere in their plots: “We didn’t want it to be a situation where they’re fighting zombies and Rick Grimes shows up to save the day. We wanted to be useful to the story arc that the writers had created over the last 30 episodes, but we also couldn’t end ‘The Walking Dead’ with Rick Grimes leaving in a helicopter and never mention him again. So it was very important for us to end the series the way it started, which is to see who this person is and where they are on their journey.”

In the ‘Rest In Peace’ scene where Rick appears, it is revealed what happened after Rick’s tragic helicopter crash and what happened to Michonne, who since leaving the series has been on a mission to find him and bring him back to his family. sons. The last we know of Rick is that he was critically injured after blowing up a bridge to save his family from a horde of walkers and that he disappeared aboard a Civic Republic Military helicopter. In the end it is revealed that Rick is a consignee for this group and by his clothes and weapons that he is a worker at the decontamination centers where mass sacrifices are made to cleanse entire states of walkers. The director has explained that the brief appearance of the characters serves as a sign that his story continues: “The idea really was for it to be these short little impressionistic images that tell us that Rick is still alive and still fighting to get home, and Michonne is out there fighting to find him.”

Rick from'The Walking Dead'

Rick and Michonne’s voiceovers intertwine in the finale as they narrate the scene, each one writing a letter to their loved ones that also works as a tribute to the characters, dead, alive and lost, who have been part of ‘The Walking Dead’, an adventure of 11 seasons, 12 years and 177 episodes. Nicotero has spoken from his point of view about the scene: “At that particular moment in time, they’re thinking about each other and they’re thinking about the people they love and the people they’ve lost. And to do that and know that the reason they’re still involved in their fight is for those people who lost and who love… That’s what it was about. And without a doubt, I feel like we captured that spirit and the spirit of moving on with what the world has in store for them.”

The final scene continues with Michonne riding into a canyon overrun by a horde of the undead. On a riverbank outside the Civic Republic, a helicopter thwarts Rick’s escape attempt, but Rick conveys his hope to the public. At the surrender order, Rick smiles and says “we are the ones who live”the same words that his daughter Judith says in another place to her older brother, dialogues that underline that we still have to wait for the end of Rick, his children and Michonne.

To be continue…

While it is true that ‘The Walking Dead’ has come to an end, the franchise has a long way to go, several spinoffs from this apocalyptic universe have been confirmed. One of which its existence has been known for a few years and of which we can consider that we have had a small prologue in ‘Rest in Peace’, is the spinoff on Rick and Michonne. This series will begin production in January and its premiere is scheduled for the end of 2023 on AMC and AMC+ in the United States and on FOX in Spain, if everything continues to work as it has been up to now. In AMC’s words “This series presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a world that is not the same. Separated by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne are forced into another world. , one built on that war against the dead… And, ultimately, on a war against the living as well. Can they find each other and take back who they were in a place and situation unlike any they’ve ever known? before? Are they enemies? Lovers? Victims? Vanquishers? If they lose each other, are they alive or will they discover that they too are undead?”

The spinoff of these characters is not the only one that is in development, we will also see one of Maggie and Negan and one dedicated to Daryl. Angela Kangthe showrunner of ‘TWD’, has counted for Deadline that the final chapter has a double objective: “It was very important for us to try to close the chapter on this series and this story, but we know we had to leave some doors open to get into future stories.”

Kang has also spoken about the Rick and Michonne spinoff: “That was the trickiest because we were trying to keep it a secret and things were leaked left and right throughout the season. We were like, how do we hold on to this? I think we have to get back to Rick and Michonne somehow. For many fans it will be satisfying to see them and everyone was on board with that idea. However, the truth is that for a long time we didn’t know if it was going to happen.” Regarding the small introduction of the spinoff at the end of TWD and how Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira experienced this, the showunner has commented that “It was very important to Andy, but I also think to Danai, that it didn’t feel like it was just an epilogue, but that it somehow tied into the ending. So, we tried to do that and hopefully people will enjoy watching two of our favourites.

‘The Walking Dead’: The creative team talks about the end, that return and the future of the saga