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The Winchesters premiered their series on October 11, 2022, expanding on the story of John and Mary Winchester from Supernatural. The series has so far acknowledged their eventual union through the future narration of their son Dean, as well as setting up mysteries like the activities of the Men of Letters and the disappearance of Samuel Campbell.

These story hooks are part of a series of improvements The Winchesters have made to Supernatural, which has been held back somewhat by not focusing on certain factors. Whether it’s making John and Mary’s love story easier to believe or shedding light on the Winchester family, it’s interesting to discover the areas in which The Winchesters have played an active role in the improvement.

A larger roster of main characters

Supernatural was mostly about the brothers, so it only made sense that they were the main characters. But it also meant that many supporting characters were sidelined and didn’t have such deep personalities – The Winchesters rectified this by featuring multiple main protagonists.

Plus, there’s a refreshing level of feminine energy to the show with the presence of Mary, Latika, Ada, and Millie. This was missing in Supernatural, where female characters were barely present. The presence of different personalities leads to a well-balanced cast to follow.

Provide valid reasons for John and Mary’s romance

Mary and John were a supernatural duo who needed more screen time because it would have validated their relationship. In the series, Dean and Sam learned that a cupid had basically forced them to fall in love, which the Winchesters seem to have pieced together.

The new series bases their relationship on mutual respect rather than the workings of a magical being. It’s a better way to go since viewers don’t just have to accept that the couple are meant to be together and can watch their friendship blossom into something more as they grow closer based on their experiences. .

Constant focus on character development

There seems to be a long way to go before John displays the traits Dean inherited from him in Supernatural, as the younger version has a different personality. However, this ties into how The Winchesters focused on character development from the start.

Supernatural spent a lot of time showing Sam as the reluctant hero and Dean as the archetypal bad boy before expanding further. The Winchesters reversed this, showing Mary acknowledging her resentment at being forced into the Hunter’s life and promising to work at it while John dealt with his anger over his father’s disappearance.

Overview of the Winchester and Campbell families

Supernatural barely mentioned the history of the Winchesters and only the sixth season had a few members of the Campbell family before they were killed. Fans have always been curious about the paternal and maternal lines of Sam and Dean, which the Winchesters will dive into.

The show began by featuring Millie Winchester in the flesh, also offering a glimpse of what Henry Winchester was like. Mary’s relationship with her father is the main outline of the first season as she seeks to find him – shedding light on the two families will allow Supernatural fans to see how Sam and Dean ultimately carried on their legacy.

Keep the action grounded and more believable

The Winchesters keep the main characters in their town as they navigate the supernatural around their region. This is in contrast to Supernatural, where Sam and Dean functioned as nomads and traversed the country. A side effect of this was that the brothers’ lifestyle was hard to believe and many raised questions about how they maintained it.

The Winchesters’ decision to have the protagonists act much like the Scooby Gang has realistic undertones since the characters are bound by their limitations and lack of resources. It also sets them up for notable upgrades in later seasons when they’re likely to be more proficient, which will be strong evidence of their development.

Sculpting the history of men of letters from the outset

It wasn’t until the eighth season of Supernatural that Dean and Sam found out about the Men of Letters and another four years before the faction’s relationship was revealed. The Men of Letters arc was not very well received due to scant details about their background, which the Winchesters avoided.

The series immediately entered into the Men of Letters’ ties with John’s family, and the protagonists were shown to learn new facts about them. Since the Men of Letters represent the extent to which humans have been prepared against the supernatural, the Winchesters have been engaged in building a world that Supernatural has not fully embraced.

A narration that contextualizes the events of the story

Fans will be able to hear quite a few quotes from Supernatural’s Dean Winchester in the prequel due to his role as narrator. It’s used primarily as a story framing device, and viewers can rely on Dean to put his parents’ adventures in context to where they’re headed.

Supernatural would have benefited from a similar structure since the many twists seemed to come out of nowhere. By using Dean as the narrator, any surprises or potential stories that go against canon can be explained without it coming across as a discordant tone.

Make John and Mary friendlier

While there are a lot of things fans love about Supernatural, John and Mary weren’t usually considered one of them. The problem with their characterizations was that John came across as a neglectful father while Mary was also a distant mother after her resurrection.

The Winchesters portrayed them in a relatable light, ranging from John’s past demons in the military and his abandonment issues to the chip on Mary’s shoulder to avoid making the same choices as her father. Both are also much more empathetic towards others, which greatly humanizes them and encourages viewers to understand their motivations.

The Winchesters: 8 Biggest Improvements He Makes From Supernatural | Pretty Reel