The Wizards also frustrate an exhausted Doncic

Serious countenance, withered look, Luka Doncić he did not give off that spark with which he ignites his amalgamation of occurrences, but tedium and even a desperation that evoked the ‘old Doncic’, the one of the tantrums to the referees, sanctioned the Slovenian at the end of the third quarter with a technique for protesting an unsigned foul and sent to the bench for Jason Kidd so that the matter would not go further. Another bad day for Dallas against the Washington Wizards (113-105) after Orlando Magic. The Mavericks don’t laugh if Luka doesn’t smile, unhappy with his decaf 22 points -apart from 9 rebounds and 6 assists-, with an imprecise 8/21 in field goals.

Doncic is universal, but not supernatural. Although the natural thing, that he lowers his guard somewhat, seems anomalous to him. The base, accustomed to constant exquisiteness, without ever lowering the 30 pointshas chained for the first time this season two games without reaching thirty points between the Magic and the Wizards, something unprecedented in regular season from March, from May without taking into account the regular phase or play-offs. And since March he had not also recorded such a low figure in scoring, then 15 points against Minnesota.

With all that is this campaign with his move to a higher physical level, the Slovenian was limited among the multiple tactical traps of Washington and a visible exhaustion, also evident in his inaccurate combined series of shots in the last two games, a 17/51, which is only 34% when he had not dropped below 50%. His foreign favorite accomplice, SSpencer Dinwiddieput what Luka could not give, exquisite with 33 points (11/17 in TC and 7/12 in triples).

But above all kyle kuzmathe torment inside the Texas franchise with 36 points and 11 rebounds to leave in oblivion losses as significant for the Wizards as Bradley Beal and the former partner of the Slovenian, Kristaps Porzingis. In one of the few incidents in the inconsequential finale, Facundo Campazzo He returned to play with the Mavericks two weeks and 7 games later, although the final 11 seconds of decoration in which Jason Kidd already put the substitutes on the court.

The Wizards attenuated Doncic with force at the same time as tomorrow, with aggressiveness but without neglecting the defensive variety to confuse the point guard, between different 2x1s -applying him more fiercely in the low post and the corners-, and alternatives to neutralize him in the pick and roll, not only the changes to which the Slovenian is so accustomed to always or almost always winning in individual duels, but also resorting to the ‘drop’, with the screen defender with a more speculative defense and the handler’s defender passing screens, which made Doncic extremely uncomfortable. The ‘fade away’, the weapon with which the former Real Madrid player is already completely indefensible, did not shine as usual either.

Players like Deni Avdija or Kuzma himself put up with him well in one-on-one. Also Rui Hachimura, showing off the Japanese with 23 goals. Despite the 58-61 break, Wes Unseld Jr.’s team had already made it clear that they knew how to overshadow Doncic, with only 7 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in the first half. the wizards they persisted in their plan and they continued to contain the Slovenian in the third quarter -7 points-, and Washington increased in the last 12 minutes the 87-83 with which they closed the third quarter.

Although without Christian Wood, and when he needed it most, the bench left Doncic alone again, adding 24 points against the Magic and 25 against the Wizards. As good as he is, as strong as he is on everything this season, Luka can’t always do everything.

The Wizards also frustrate an exhausted Doncic