Theft at the Bijou Museum! But only in Michela Guindani’s new book

Some of the most beautiful brooches destined for the Casalmaggiore museum disappear: however, it is not yet another criminal event that tortures our community, but one of the mysterious cases that make up the novel The house that still breathedsecond narrative test of the Cremonese writer Michelle Guindani.

After Like a field of poppies (2020), Guindani returns to move the ranks of characters and stories on the streets of mystery, enriching the panoramas of the Po Valley – already protagonists of the first book – with Sicilian glimpses and apparently irreconcilable plots, which however find in the unexpected ending every consistency. Among the many mysteries that the epilogue reveals, there is also a clamorous disappearance of brooches destined for the Casalmaggiore Bijou Museum, lights and flashes in an abandoned and unsafe roadman’s house, trips to the Valley of the Temples marred by threats and dangers, killings of people and a cat. In short, in the thriller The house that breathed there is still no shortage of suspense and twists, which confirm Michela Guindani as an excellent inventor of stories and a skilled novelist. The literary critic also confirms this Claudio Ardigòwho signed the preface, encouraged and followed the author in all stages of drafting the book.

Published, like the first, by the types of Gilgamesh Edizioni, the new novel by Michela Guindani will be presented in the new John Paul II salon of the Cicognolo oratory, in via Roma, on Friday 25 November at 21.00 The critic will have a dialogue with the author literary Claudio Ardigò and the actor from Cremona Massimiliano Pegorini he will read some passages with background music prepared by himself. The publisher will also greet those present Dario Bellini.

A second presentation will be on Saturday 3 December at 5.30 pm at SpazioComune, as part of the Cremona Book Fair.

The book was released on Monday 14 November: it is available in an e-Book version and in a paper version in all Italian physical bookstores and online stores such as Amazon, IBS, Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Giusti, Ubik, Libraccio, Librerie Coop., etc.

From the back cover – The novel takes place partly in the lands of the lower Po Valley, partly in Sicily, between Catania and Agrigento and develops on two tracks that seem to run parallel, but at the end they will meet to reveal an unexpected ending. It all begins with the repeated sighting of strange lights in a roadman’s house in the Cremona area, abandoned for years, unsafe and half-destroyed by time. Two sisters, Eva and Sofia, begin to investigate the strange phenomenon, increasingly convinced that there can be nothing supernatural. Meanwhile, in a palace in Catania, first a small cat and then his owner, Peppino, are killed. Anxiety winds its way through the various condominiums and prejudice makes its way, that unhealthy attitude to judge without concrete evidence. Domenico, a good man, cousin of Romeo, marshal of the Carabinieri barracks in Vescovato, pays for it. The soldier, the two sisters and five other friends fly to Sicily for a week’s holiday which, after the initial searches carried out by the group to help Domenico, will be upset by constant threats from a mysterious shadow who always knows the moves of the group. An intriguing yellow, among the disturbing flashes of the roadman’s house in the Cremona area, the majesty of Etna and the wonders of the Valley of the Temples. Suspense, intrigue, crimes and shadows will create the terrain to excite the reader who will be amazed even by a delicate final surprise.

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