Thirty years later, the mystery of the “bleeding house” awaits its explanation

July 1992. TF1 launches a new show. ” Mysterys” promises to look into unexplained phenomena and dissect them with great blows of reconstructions. The strange invites itself into the small skylight. And from the first episode, on July 8, the production hits hard.

On music with frankly disturbing high accents and in an improbable stellar setting, the presenter Alexandre Baloud introduces the ” Saint-Quentin affair “, the first that the show must explore. ” The press did not hesitate to title “the affair of the bloody house” “, he specifies, in a gloomy tone, before launching the subject.

Bloodstains and thuds

Direction therefore, Picardy. The sequence takes us back to 1986 in a working-class district of Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne. The Belmer couple, freshly married, have just moved into a small house in the city of Mulhouse. Day after day, routine sets in. Jean-Marc, a truck driver, leaves for work at dawn. Lucie, unemployed, gets up later and takes care of the house. A banal life, like so many others, of the late 80s.

Until the young woman makes a strange discovery one morning: strange little red spots, in her kitchen or on her bedding. ” Looks like blood “, murmurs the commentary of TF1. “ As I erased [les tâches] there were some in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the dining room “recalls the resident facing the camera. The bloodstains appear on the walls… as if the house was bleeding. Added to this are ” thuds » or « dishes » unexplained, which, little by little, plunge Lucie into fright. So that the couple ends up contacting the municipal police.

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Chief Sergeant Guy Piette and his deputy Pierre Cepparo arrive at the scene of the mystery. ” We came mainly to reassure people a littletestifies Guy Piette on TF1. At first, we didn’t believe in ghosts. ” Firstly. Because faced with the bloodstains and, also surprised by an unexplained noise upstairs, the police are confused. There is also this cellar door which, when Lucie comes down, closes “ gently behind her in the words of her sister, as she stands still when it comes to someone else. To the point of imagining that the young wife would be the victim of an evil spirit? Lucie begins to ask herself the question, especially since unexplained phenomena occur especially in the absence of her husband.

Supernatural origin?

In order to solve the mystery, the two police officers set up a “ very special device said the voiceover. They line the entrance floor with flour and close the house. Thereby, ” we’ll know right away if it’s a joke and a comic strip “, explains Cepparo. But the small team is disillusioned: back on the scene the next morning, the police find bloodstains, ” on the floor, on the kitchen table and on the paper in the hallway »… without there being any trace in the flour of any passage. Samples are taken: according to a biologist interviewed by the program, the expertise concludes that he ” it’s human blood and not animals. ” But it is true that the report does not exclude a supernatural origin “, concedes the expert. Mystery.

The episode plunges a little more into the strange by reconstructing the arrival of a medium on the scene. The man identifies the origin of the phenomenon in the cellar. He does not exclude that we find ” human bones ” in the ground. But the research does not give anything… The only disturbing fact: during the scene, Guy Piette claims to have felt ” finger pulses on the back of his arm. He turns around: there is no one. ” The hair stood on end “, ironically the brigadier-chief. “ After three weeks of horror, Lucie and Jean-Marc Belmer have definitively left this cursed house which should have been their happiness. “says the report. Before concluding, against a background of songs that seem to have come from beyond the grave: “ How to explain what happened? Six years later, they still don’t know. “We turn off the TV, good luck putting the children to bed…

little information

So this is the case of “the bleeding house”. Or in any case, the version that was given by TF1… Because we actually have little information on this news item, points out Samuel Buisseret, amateur of popular science and author of a video on this mystery. The Belgian youtubeur had been marked by the broadcast of the show on TF1. ” It was an eventhe smiles. My uncle had even played a joke on us, he had put on his hood outside the window! In reality, there is almost nothing to exploit in this case. »

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Apart from the reconstitution of TF1, we find a report from the JT of France 3 Picardie of 1986. We see there, filmed, the supposed bloodstains as well as the testimonies of Lucie Belmer and Chief Sergeant Piette. But, contacted by Marianne, journalist Françoise Boissonnat, author of the report, simply does not remember. ” I heard myself with the clear voice “, smiles after having reviewed the sequence, the one who has since made a career at France Télévisions. Before laughing: I still checked that the report did not date from April 1st! »

However, there was undeniably a police investigation, proof that the subject was not taken lightly. But Samuel Buisseret is convinced neither by the technique of flour, too easy to circumvent according to him, nor by the intervention of the doctor-biologist in “Mysteries” which ensured that the blood was of human origin. The youtubeur claims to have contacted the laboratory in which he worked: the analyzes would not have been carried out in his own lab. The doctor-biologist would have studied the report presented to him by the television teams, without being the author, which the program does not specify…

Audience race?

From there to believe that, in a sensationalist vein, the production would have voluntarily enlarged the line to attract viewers? ” At that time, there was a rather unhealthy game on popular beliefs on the part of TF1believes François Jost, professor emeritus in information and communication sciences at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Instead of explaining them, of putting them in doubt, there was a desire to give proofs and to confirm the existence of occult, bizarre facts. And the academic to quote another episode of “Mysteries” on ” flying apples ” in a house. Or the false dissection supposed to demonstrate the existence of the extraterrestrial from Roswell, in 1995 in the cult program ” Strange Odyssey », presented by Jacques Pradel.

Moreover, “Mysteries” is interrupted in 1994, a few weeks after the production was trapped by the hoax of a biker who claimed to be able to ride in Paris blindfolded. These broadcasts played on the idea that the image is the absolute proof of realitydeciphers François Jost. The role of witnesses is also very important: they come to endorse the images. A phenomenon that has developed, according to the specialist, with the rise of private television and the race for ratings.

The show was a bit wacky at timessuitable for Marianne Alexandre Baloud who assures that he was not in charge of the investigations and recognizes the limits of “Mysteries”. But the paranormal interested me. We can do sensationalism. However, the paranormal exists and we must therefore know why. »

Several hypotheses

At the time, the case had marked Saint-Quentin. ” We sold duckremembers Marc Bodas, retired, former journalist at Aisne New. For more than a month, every two days we made a paper! And the mystery continued to hover. “ Thirty years after the fact, people were talking about it almost as if it had happened the day before », says the journalist Alice Meunier who investigated the case in 2014 for the Mail Picard. Everyone has their own little hypothesis. ” It was nonsense, I’m not talking about that “says a resident of the city of Mulhouse whom we try to reach on the phone, before hanging up on us.

In 2014, Alice Meunier interviewed the current owner of the house. He claimed never to have seen traces of blood on the walls. It was not ghosts that bothered its tenants… but the curious ones who sometimes ring the bell in the middle of the night to ask if it really is the “bleeding house”.

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But then, which explanation to retain? “ We can deal with a pranksterestimates the youtubeur Samuel Buisseret. I would also have tested the blood DNA on the woman. He was a very lonely person, who perhaps made bloodstains without realizing it and then pulled on this red thread. “A hypothesis that still made Lucie Belmer jump in 2014 in The Courrier Picard : “ When people tell you that you’re crazy, that you invented this story so as not to pay the rent… It’s false, arch-false. » « She suffers from all that this affair has generated says Alice Meunier. Until the riddle is solved, it is not possible to 100% exclude the ghost hypothesisadmits Samuel Buisseret. If we’re really rational, we have to keep it… The only certainty: Lucie Belmer, divorced from Jean-Marc, had to change her name so as not to be bothered by curious people or gossips.

Thirty years later, the mystery of the “bleeding house” awaits its explanation