This is how H2O sirens have changed

Even if it looks like a liefifteen years have already passed since the premiere of the legendary H2O series! Youth fiction accompanied a whole generation of boys and girls on weekend mornings, showing us the Australian coast in a unique way: under the gaze of three mermaids.

The fiction became the most exported Australian series in history. And it has reached a total of 120 countries. A real madness that can already be seen on the platforms!

H2O told the story of Emma, ​​Cleo and Rikki, tthree adolescents who had to deal with the typical problems of their age.

Passing high school exams, coping with their first romantic relationships, and facing the fact that every time they got wet they turned into mermaids. It didn’t matter if it was a drop of water or a hose!

The daily life of the girls became an authentic odyssey to continue hiding their mermaid identity. They even had to drink water through a straw! But not all were problems, their new condition endowed them with superpowers. Nothing to envy the X-Men. In fact, the young women could be meat (rather fish) from The Avengers.

Three decades after the premiere, we ask ourselves, what has happened to the H2O sirens and how have they changed? We reveal it!

Claire Holt was Emma

Claire Holt played the perfectionist Emma, a determined young woman who was dedicated to swimming and with a promising future. Holt left the series in the third and final season due to her getting involved in other projects. A true sadness for the fans, who did not get over her departure from the series. But it is that initially the fiction was not going to have more than two seasons. But success is what you have.

In 2023, Claire is 34 years old and continues to be well known thanks to her participation in series such as The Vampire Diaries. In fact, he starred in the spin off: The Originals. has also been in Mean Girls 2, Legacies or Aquarius. As for his personal life, Claire is the mother of two beautiful children with her partner Andrew Hoblon.

Phoebe Tonkin was Cleo

Phobe Tonkin was like a fish to water in the role of Cleo, and never better said! When the series began, he was sixteen years old and it was quite a revolution in Australia, which would lead him to work later on other projects.

Like her co-star Claire Holt, Phoebe traded in mermaid fins for a vampire cape on The Originals. Well, more like she became a werewolf. What do these girls have with the supernatural vibe? He has also been in series like Westworld or in the movie Babylon.

Caribbean Heine

Cariba Heine played Rikki, a humble girl who came to the city. Her character had no problem making new friends. Could it have to do with sharing such a big secret as being a mermaid?

Unlike her companions, it appears that Cariba Heine swam to a deserted island and decided to stay there after the end of H2O. She has appeared in a few series and movies, but with very minor roles. At 33, Cariba is more focused on her life as a yoga teacher than acting. And it is that you only have to see her Instagram to realize that she is a true professional!

Indiana Evans was Bella

With Claire Holt leaving the series, the producers signed another Australian teen star to the group: Bella. It was the actress Indiana Evans who was in charge of giving him life.

Indiana Evans has continued to work in film and television. Her blonde hair and her Australian beauty led her to star in the third part of Blue Lagoon. Yes, there is a third part of this movie!

Angus McLaren was Lewis

What would a mermaid be without her sailor in love? Angus McLaren played Lewis, a teenager in love with Cleo. With his motorboat, the boy followed the mermaids along the coast and tried to help them control his powers. A very loyal friend who, sincerely, saves the girls from more than one predicament.

Angus has continued in front of the cameras, working mainly in Australia. Also, from 2010 to 2011 he was dating his co-star Indiana Evans, who played Bella in H2O. We did not see that coming! Also, it looks like he hit the weights at the gym. Angus is in top form.

Brittany Byrnes was Charlotte

But every protagonist needs her villain. If hiding their mermaid identity wasn’t enough of a problem for the girls, they also had to deal with Charlotte, a teenager who wanted to be just like them. Brittany Bynes was in charge of getting under the skin, or scales, of the misunderstood Charlotte. And it is that, looking at the series with perspective, Cleo, Rikki and Emma did not behave very well with this character.

Today, Brittany is 32 years old and lives away from the media. After her role as Charlotte, the young actress has not played any other relevant role.

Burgess Abernethy as Zane Bennett

Burgess Abernethy played Zane, the rich kid who falls in love with Rikki. Although in the first season his character is quite evil, his love for the mermaid makes him change and become an ally for the girls. The actor was then 20 years old. We have to admit that he had a hard time empathizing with Zane.

Today, Burgess continues to work as an actor. At 36 years old, although he does not have the same fame as in the past, he has appeared in several series with small roles such as iZombie.

Luke Mitchell was Will

Luke Mitchell was 22 years old when he was signed for the third season of the series. The young man gave life to Will Benjamin, the diver who becomes Bella’s love interest.

At 37 years old, Luke can boast of having been lucky in the acting world. The actor has appeared in series like ‘Agents of SHIELD’ or ‘Blindspot’, where he continues to work.

This is how H2O sirens have changed