This is the “Devil Fish” found on the beaches of Florida

The Ocklawaha River, in Putnam County, east of Gainesville, Florida, was the epicenter of a strange discovery that has sparked controversy and surprise on the part of users of social networks.

A neighbor of the place, identified as Tammy Jenkins, found a dead fish while kayaking; it was something with a supernatural origin. The events occurred on November 10 and at that time, Jenkins decided to share a series of images with the world on the Facebook portal, Florida Photography.

“I decided to post the photos on Facebook to see what other people thought. I always take thousands of photos when I go out in the kayak, but I hardly ever share them,” Jenkins added in an interview with McClatchy News.

In the photographs you can see a rare creature with empty eyes, tanned black skin and a mouth full of large teeth.. “It struck me because it was dirty and ugly and looked like it came from hell itself,” Jenkins said. “At first, I thought it was a toy until I could smell it.”

Undoubtedly, many users of the Facebook social network commented on the publication that so far has more than a million ‘reactions’. Opinions are divided, some insist that it was part of some Halloween decoration that went astray. Others, for their part, They say that it is completely real and compare it with a “diabolical fish”, with “The monster from the Black Lagoon”, with an “aquatic chupacabra” and even with “a mutant piranha”quoted by the portal El Nuevo Heraldo.

“I don’t think something with so many teeth can be a fish”, “A thing like that is what touches one’s feet when he enters dark water”, “What the hell is this fish with vampire teeth?” and “It looks like the monster from the horror movie The Thing” were some of the comments the publication received.

The United States is not the only place in America where these types of strange fish have been found. On the coast of Isla Talcán, in Chile, it also became the epicenter of a story that has much to do with legend: the discovery of a fish that, according to what has been affirmed, is related to a bad omen for the future of humanity and even a curse for whoever finds it.

Fishermen from that coast, located in Chaiten, found a Ryugu no tsukai fish known as Messenger of the Palace of the Sea God, and according to the legend coming from Japan, its finding is related to the possibility of occurrence of an earthquake or a tsunami.

Those who found it described the fact as “the find of the day”, but the legend immediately came to mind and many users of social networks ventured to speculate about possible events that could occur.

Some even ventured to question whether they should “prepare for a very unfortunate event”; or to ask “isn’t that the earthquake fish?” or to immediately relate it to a seismic event “what we were missing, an earthquake”.

“On Isla Talcán, west sector, they found a 4 and a half meter long oarfish stranded on the beach. This marine animal is known in Japanese culture for being a bad omen, which can herald environmental disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.” Barica Lagos wrote on his Twitter account by posting a video and several photos of the unique animal.

What has also attracted attention is that this oarfish or sablefish It is a creature that lives between 200 to 1,000 meters deep in the sea, Therefore, it is almost impossible to find it on the earth’s surface, according to some experts.

They describe it as a fish similar to a silver ribbon, which It has a dorsal fin that runs through it from the eyes to the tail. and on the tip of its head it has a red crest and has no teeth.

“Neighbor Oscar Mayorga Ruiz finds a 4.5-meter oarfish on the beach, specifically on Isla Talcán, West sector. The history of this specimen is known for its stories”, Damian Calbún wrote, posting a video of the animal.

Although the one found in Chile measures about three meters, specialists have pointed out that its usual length reaches 11 meters.

The fishermen of the area warned that it is not common to find this type of fish, so it aroused not only curiosity and strangeness, but also immediately reminded the legend and with it, speculations appeared.

This is the “Devil Fish” found on the beaches of Florida