This time it was not the “manita” of God

NoonJanuary 15, 2023 – 08:48

Napoli’s victory with Juventus destined to go down in history

Of Anthony Polito

This time it wasn’t the hand of God. It wasn’t supernatural intervention, the outcome of the landing in Naples of a football demigod endowed with extraterrestrial powers. I wasn’t the superman who with his talent alone transforms a team of humans and takes them to the roof of success. This time the manita inflicted on Juventus, destined to enter the history of the city, a memory of children who one day, who knows, will make a film about it like Sorrentino did, the work of man. There are no demigods in the team that is dominating the league. made up of human beings, certainly all good at playing football, a couple of them actually very good, for example the award-winning Kvara-Osimeh company which yesterday scored three of the five goals, and above all the two most important.

But everyone, no matter how good, needs the other, the center forward of the playmaker and vice versa, the halfback of the full-back, the goalkeeper of whoever is on the bench. So where does the state grace that makes Napoli football look like a dance? daughter of work, of daily commitment, of planning, of organization. All virtues which, let’s face it, are not really typical of our city. But it is this style that has been consolidated for some years in the Napoli football club and in the environment around Naples that is working the miracle. Let’s never forget that this is the year in which Mertens and Koulibaly, two icons, were sold. And look where we are. Because innovation is the key to success. And even in a football team there comes a time when you have to have the courage to try new ways to win.

Sorry to disappoint romantics, but success is granted to those who have the courage to be rational to the point of cruelty. To those who don’t indulge in sentimentality. To those who don’t live in the past. This is modern football And Napoli are at the top today. We have been supporting the idea in this space for some time that Naples should learn from Naples. Imitate their ability to build on solid foundations, with a cool head, focusing on managerial skills. That he should stop always hoping for a miracle, in the hand of God, to get out of his difficulties and make a change in his story.

Yesterday’s match seems to us to be the most eloquent proof that only that is the right path, and that at the end of that path there really is apotheosis. Yes, I know, the championship is still long. Yes, I know, still fraught with difficulties because football is the most unpredictable subject imaginable. Nothing will ever erase the satisfaction he has already given to the Neapolitans in these first months of the season. And if by chance what no one in Naples still dares to call by his name should happen, it would be – believe me – even more important than what happened with Maradona. It would be all flour from our sack, without divine intervention. Do you want to put?

January 15, 2023 | 08:48


This time it was not the “manita” of God