To see or not to see: ‘The Platform’ on Amazon Prime Video

Nothing like a story about a crew stranded at sea on ‘The Platform’. There is nowhere to go, tensions rise, alliances are made and broken. Add touches of the supernatural and you’ve got some pretty heady drama. A new series on Prime Video takes that genre and puts the crew on an oil rig.

What is ‘The Platform’ about?

Deep in the ocean, a rift seems to open. On the surface, there is the Kinloch Bravo, a huge oil platform. The crew is reaching a turning point, where many of them will return to their families after their extended stay on the Scottish coast. The platform commander, Magnus (lain glen)he faces that rotation plus the presence of Rose (Emily Hampshire)sent by the oil company to assess the Kinloch field and see if their money would be better spent elsewhere.

The staff that must be rotated are eager to leave, including the impetuous young technician Baz (Calvin Demba)who is upset when he finds out he was taken from the next helicopter, with Fulmer (Martin Compston), the communications specialist, getting his seat. During a meeting, Magnus tells the crew that the upcoming helicopters have been diverted to Bravo’s sister platform due to an emergency. That stokes the ire of people who want to go home, especially Hutton. (Owen Teale), a senior member of the team who has been outspoken in criticizing Magnus’ leadership.

Then the light goes out. As the team struggles to return the rig to normal, Magnus decides to shut down the drill, over Rose’s objections. Fulmer discovers that the radio to the mainland is down. Once it lights up, however, they have to deal with another problem: a thick fog engulfs the entire platform, reducing visibility to almost nothing. In an effort to find out what’s going on, Magnus sends Fulmer and Baz to the top of the communications tower, where the two rivals clash.

On the way down, Baz’s leash comes loose and he falls, leaving him badly injured. while cat (Rochenda Sandall)Hutton, the doctor on the rig, does everything she can to keep Baz alive, but knowing that he needs to be airlifted to a hospital, Hutton rages at Magnus more than ever and things continue to get complicated.

Created by David McPherson‘The platform’ (The Rig) it fits well into the “stranded crew turning on each other and forming alliances while trying to get home” genre, of which we’ve seen a few examples in recent years. As with the examples we cited above, there’s a supernatural element that’s somewhat downplayed in the first episode, but evident in the last scene, and we have a feeling it’ll become more prominent as the season progresses.

The characters on the oil rig are mostly presented as what we consider to be “one and a half dimensional” characters. What do we mean by that? Well, they’re more than flat archetypes, but we just don’t have enough information on any of them to figure out what their motivations are. They range from young daredevils like Baz to grizzled veterans, who are angry and bitter like Hutton to more optimistic and tolerant like Alwyn. (mark bonnar). Rose is the corporate petty who is involved with the troublesome Fulmer. Magnus is the boss of the old school. That’s all we know, and we’re not sure how much more we’ll find out.

Should I see ‘The Platform’?

What saves the series from being ridiculous are the performances. Starring alongside Hampshire is a stellar roster of high-profile British actors, elevating their characters. Because there are so many characters to deal with and a number of different storylines, a show like ‘The Platform’ needs actors who can squeeze the most out of their limited characterizations. And most of this cast is capable of doing that.

While there isn’t much character development as ‘The Platform’ begins, the acting is excellent and makes the tension building in Kinloch Bravo feel palpable. You will enjoy wrapping yourself in this mystery.

How many episodes does ‘The Platform’ have?

The first season of ‘The Platform’ consists of 6 episodes that premiered on January 6, 2023. Directed by john strickland it is the first Amazon original series to be filmed entirely in Scotland. This exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video.

Advance of the Platform

To see or not to see: ‘The Platform’ on Amazon Prime Video