Top 10 new manga not to be missed in 2022

If there is one manga that has been talked about in 2022, it’s chain saw man ! Indeed, we had the opportunity to deal with this manga which will be released in an animated version very soon. But it’s not the only manga gaining popularity in Japan in recent years. That’s why we’re offering you a top 10 of the most popular manga in 2022!

#10 The Elusive Samurai

Yusei Matsui is back with a brand new series, quite different from his previous hit, Assassination Classroom. This series has been available digitally since 2021, but fans can finally purchase a full tome.

The story is set during the Kenmu Restoration period and focuses on Hojo Tokiyuki, a young man who normally inherited the shogunate but is forced to flee after his family was overthrown by Ashikaga Takauji.

Fortunately for him, the young lord has a very important supernatural ability: that of hiding. When he meets Suwa Yorishige, a priest from Shinano Province, he begins his quest to become a hero. Between wandering, self-control and reconquest, we follow the twirling daily life of a samurai prince.

#9 The LIMinal zone

Junji Ito is among the most renowned horror manga creators out there, so any new work deserves attention. The Liminal Zone features four terrifying new stories, including one about a couple who travel to the legendary Aokigahara Suicide Forest and another about a professional mourner.


#8 Thus spoke rohan kishibe

fans of Jojohang on! Hirohiko Araki Releases Brand New Manga Featuring Rohan Kishibe. Although the mangaka has finally freed himself from Josuke, he now has to deal with a whole host of other supernatural misadventures.


#7 Frieren

Frieren is an interesting and charming fantasy manga with a rather unique concept. Indeed, rather than following the hero and his crew on their journey to defeat the Demon King and save the world, this manga follows another fantasy manga staple: the elf of the troupe! More precisely, we follow the elf magician Frieren on her journey in search of new types of magic, after the world has been saved.


This isa promising and fascinating new fantasy manga about an immortal woman who loses her friends over time.

#6 Dandadan

Japan’s largest manga company, Shueisha, has recently focused its efforts on developing online publishing platforms Shonen Jump Plus and Manga Moreas well as on the famous paper magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. What is getting the most attention around the world in Shonen Jump Plusit’s the avant-garde action-comedy Dandadanwritten by Yukinobu Tatsu since 2021.


This occult manga centers on two high school students : Momo Ayase who believes in ghosts but does not believe in aliens, and Ken Takakura who believes that aliens exist but refuses to believe in ghosts. They enter a supernatural world where both aliens and ghosts exist.

#5 kaiju no. 8

For any action and sci-fi fan, Kaiju #8 is one of the most trending recommendations to read in 2022. The new action manga has just started its serialization on Shueisha’s online platform, Shonen Jump Plusin 2020, which you can read in English in real time on the official free manga website Manga Plus or in a French version published by Kazé.


In a world where “kaiju” regularly attack Japan, Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro become members of the defense forces in order to fight against these beasts and protect the population. After a small kaiju flies into Kafka’s mouth, he gains the ability to transform into one of the kaiju himself., earning him the title of Kaiju #8. This is a gripping manga about a half-monster man, who fights against them in order to protect those around him.


Most sports manga focus on a team trying to improve their skills in order to win a competition. Bonds between teammates are often an important part of the story. In Blue Lockit is a ruthless competition. After an embarrassing loss at the 2018 World Cup, the Japan Football Union realizes they’re going to have to get serious if they want to create a team that can win. They bring together 300 of the greatest players in the country and submit them to an infernal competition to eliminate those who are ready to do anything to win.


#3 Sakamoto days

Japan’s largest manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump has delighted a large number of fans around the world with original comic manga as well as classic action-adventure manga. Sakamoto Days fits into this register, iThis is indeed a humorous action manga written by Yuto Suzuki since 2020and already considered one of the most popular manga in Japan right now.


Taro Sakamoto comes across as an ordinary husband, father, and shop owner, but looks can be deceiving. He was once a highly reputed hitman who terrorized everyone who came across him. Although he had hoped to keep the secret and continue living his peaceful life, his past always seems to resurface… If he doesn’t become an assassin again, he will be a target himself. Despite his lack of fitness and training, he has no choice but to resume his old career.

#2 Spy x family

Season 1 of the anime has already wreaked havoc and we told you about the various nominations that this anime had received at Japan Expo 2022, and if you are too impatient to see the sequel, we strongly recommend the version manga which also has all its charm.


What makes this manga original lies in its genre, a spy-themed action comedy that is published by author Tatsuya Endo on the online publishing platform Shonen Jump Plus every two weeks since 2019.

Spy×Family tells the story of a fake family consisting of professional spy Loid Forger, his wife and skilled assassin Yor Forger, and their adopted psychic daughter Anya Forger. While the “parents” carry out their missions discreetly, Anya reads their thoughts but hides them to live in peace. You’ll enjoy both the serious story of escalating international tensions between two great powers and the humorous scenes that unfold there.

#1 Chainsaw man

chain saw man is a must-have for all manga fans around the world, being already known as one of the greatest manga series of the 2020s. The action-dark-fantasy manga, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, started publishing in 2018. Fans check out Part 2, which just rebooted with the Academy Saga on Shonen Jump Plus since July 13, 2022. The animated adaptation of chain saw man will be published by Mappa very soon.


chain saw man is very different from most manga stories. It’s marked by darker themes, but its main feature is how it differentiates itself from the usual clichés. The lives of the characters are heavy, which creates flawed characters that we can relate to, and the way they are portrayed is quite ingenious. Instead of the big, kind-hearted, driven protagonist, our main character Denji has more prosaic goals than his counterparts and has somewhat selfish goals.

Top 10 new manga not to be missed in 2022