Top 10 Verified Games for Steam Deck

The Steam Deck has changed the landscape of mainstream PC gaming, and these are some of the best verified games you can play

With Valve’s recent launch of Steam Deck, the mobile gaming market has taken a big step towards the mainstream. It has opened up the ability for video game enthusiasts to carry around their libraries in portable format, and the company has been working hard to verify which titles work best on the device.

Not all games need to be verified by Deck to play well, but it’s a good confirmation that a title has been tested. The list of verified games is already very extensive and more are on the way, including the new PC version of Insomniac’s hilarious Spider-Man Remastered and FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG masterclass, Elden Ring.

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Spider-Man Remastered

Spider-Man Remastered is the highest level re-release for Steam Deck, as Spider-Man Remastered by developer Insomniac has just been ported to PC. It is a positive trend that Sony is finally recognizing the potential of PCs, and the port has been praised for the good implementation for this platform.

There are plenty of customization options for PC gamers that they can manipulate to their liking, and Valve made sure to get Deck Verified before launch. Playing Spider-Man on an optimized laptop PC is a spectacle, and its gripping story, engaging combat, and breathtaking moving mechanics with cobwebs make it one of the best modern superhero games.

Elden Ring


FromSoftware has made a name for itself in the triple-A gaming arena for its gripping dark-fantasy RPGs. Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki along with his colleagues may have accomplished their great work with Elden Ring, revolutionizing the open-world / RPG formula.

It features all the rich challenges that fans have come to expect, but it is also the most accessible, as it allows players to be creative with building their classes. It’s a dark-fantasy world full of tantalizing and subtle storytelling, story, and world-building, and it’s an impressive feat that works so well on Steam Deck, not to mention Deck Verified, especially when you consider that the developer is known for not optimizing his PC ports.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seems to be that gift every aunt keeps giving you at Christmas, as the game has maintained its mainstream relevance since its release in 2015 thanks to its high quality, expanding franchise. in live-action TV and the upcoming remaster for current-gen (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S).

It is one of the best modern fantasy RPGs, thanks to its dense and immersive dark-fantasy setting, exceptional character writing and rewarding RPG mechanics in shaping the game’s countless stories. Gamers may want to wait for the remaster, but for now it’s still an incredible feat to see an amazing game like The Witcher 3 running smoothly on a handheld console with few lags.

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Remedy Entertainment has made one of the most inventive original IPs of recent years with Control. It was one of the first games used to showcase the Steam Deck’s capabilities prior to its launch, making it an easy choice to play on the laptop.

Following the story of Jesse Faden, the new director of the supernatural-focused Federal Bureau of Control, she uncovers a mystery and conspiracy behind the organization she directs in a thrilling sci-fi thriller narrative. In addition to smooth performance, Control’s refreshing combat system fits perfectly into the form factor of the Deck.

Resident Evil 2


After Resident Evil 6 stumbled, when the franchise veered towards Michael Bay barrels, Capcom began an arc of brand redemption that led to the release of the acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake. Resident Evil 2 became one. of the best Resident Evil and survival-horror games in general, thanks in part to the incredible capabilities of the RE Engine, used to bring this venture to life without being too demanding to manage.

The game has always been technologically forgiving when you consider the quality of its looks and performance, and the Verified label ensures a great transition from the home console / desktop PC to the portable Steam Deck format.

Batman: Arkham City


At the moment, City is the only game in the popular Batman: Arkham franchise to be verified on the Steam Deck. A few tweaks can be made to make other untested games on the Deck run smoothly, but Arkham City will work flawlessly with a minimum of tweaks. Rocksteady helped revitalize the Dark Knight and superhero genre in video games, and Arkham City builds on Asylum in the best possible way.

A gritty open-world sandbox packed with meaningful content, free-flowing cathartic combat, stealth action and a fantastic story written by legendary Batman and DC writer Paul Dini, who tastefully pays homage to the hero’s story in comics and acclaimed universe of The Animated Series.

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Dark Souls III


Even though Elden Ring is taking over most of the stage, FromSoftware’s other works are still absolutely worth a try for those looking for a challenge. The Dark Souls trilogy has been verified by Deck and III is one of the finest Souls-like RPGs the developer has ever made.

It’s a more linear experience than an open world, but the level design and heart-pounding boss fights make it the easiest game to play on a handheld console. This makes it a great way for new FromSoft fans and longtime ones alike who wish to relive the conclusion of the dark vicious cycle of the Age of Fire, ushered in before the events of the first game.

Yakuza 0


It was once one of the most niche franchises in the Sega publisher’s catalog, but Yakuza 0 from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio helped blow up the series’ popularity on a global scale. Deservedly, because this prequel was both a perfect starting point for potential fans, and one of the finest gameplay the series has ever seen.

The thunderous beat-’em-up combat is as fun as ever, the side missions are hilarious, and the long Japanese soap opera / crime drama story is enough to engage players in the parallel stories of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. It’s a shame it hasn’t been ported to the Switch yet, but Yakuza 0 has been verified on the Steam Deck and will prove to be an immersive experience for the handheld console.



Supergiant Games’ Hades was the indie darling of 2020 and one of the best games of the year overall. This action-adventure roguelike is inventively inspired by Greek mythology and follows Zagreus as he rebels against his father to escape the underworld. The levels are randomly generated and the fights are fast, satisfying and exciting.

This genre lends itself well to a handheld console, considering its pick-up-and-play approach to dungeons and isometric perspective. But gameplay aside, the art direction is elegant and the story and characters are compelling and engaging, which is impressive considering that roguelikes don’t tend to focus on storytelling.

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God Of War


Another recent PlayStation hit, Santa Monica Studios’ God of War soft-reboot was recently ported to PC to great effect. This is a more challenging game, but Deck Verified has shown players to be admirably tweaked when scaled within reach of the Steam Deck.

The 2018 game takes a more concrete, cinematic approach to Kratos’ story, becoming much more intimate without sacrificing the jaw-dropping spectacle of the action. God of War’s overhead camera is a great perspective for the game’s satisfying combat, coupled with some excellent boss fights.


Top 10 Verified Games for Steam Deck