Tumbes: the legend of the white horse rider that still shakes the city


In all parts of the world, stories are usually told that seem to be taken from a fictional movie, because of how strange or implausible they sound from the beginning. some seem more of a horror movie. For example, in Peru, in several of its regions, these stories tend to abound, which, over time, are passed from generation to generation. to become part of popular culture.

Some tell it with such fanaticism that it even seems that they themselves have been the protagonists of the story.

Similarly, many of these stories are more common in the northern part of Peru. In Chiclayo, Trujillo, Tumbes, among other places, it is usual to hear that some resident has had some supernatural encounter.


A special place where these types of encounters usually occur are cemeteries. For example, we have all heard, at least once in this life, the unusual things that usually happen in places like the Master Presbyter, cemetery located in Barrios Altos, Lima. Similarly, in the cemetery Baquíjano from Callao.

Screams, footsteps, chains dragging, laughter in the middle of the night when no one is around, among other phenomena that several brave people have told when exploring these types of places. Like the one that happened in the San Carlos de Zarumilla cemetery, in Tumbes.

According to a story, which is well known in this part of Peru, it is said that a man who left work heading home, between two and four in the morning of any given day, he saw the need to pass through this cemetery in order to cut the road to get there faster to rest.

What the subject did not count, was meeting a man dressed in white mounted on a huge horse, of the same color, while galloping almost a meter from the ground.

According to the description given by the worker, this rider was large and athletically built. Her mouth was covered with a scarf, she wore a hat and her eyes sparkled even in the dark. The horse was also big and his eyes were shining too.

The story indicates that the phantasmagorical presence carried with it a guitar with which it sang songs and cumananas (improvised singing composed in quatrains or tenths), the same ones that dealt with penalties. Although others seemed to curse someone.

Example of cumanana tumbesina (masculture for a better country in google)
Example of cumanana tumbesina (masculture for a better country in google)

Seeing the incredible scene, the man caught his breath as best he could and shouted for the cemetery manager. This was not very far from the place and quickly went to his aid.

“What’s happening?”, the pantheon told him when he arrived to meet him. To which the man replied with another question: “What is that?”

Although the cemetery manager also showed surprise, he remained calmer and told the other frightened man: “Don’t be afraid, it sure won’t hurt. Come closer to me and don’t say anything, it just goes away.”

Then, still trembling with fear, but aware of the situation he was experiencing, he approached her without mediating a single gesture.

And indeed, immediately afterwards, the rider rode away with his horse singing one of his sad songs. The strange thing, for the man, was to see that in at no time did this presence touch the floor since it always remained in the air. However, when he started to walk away the footsteps of the horse were heard loud and clear.

After a few moments, both the rider and his white horse were lost. in the middle of a thick fog. Natural phenomenon that is not at all common in that part of the country.

After that chilling experience, the subject changed his route to get home. He didn’t mind walking a little further and taking longer than expected to get home. The goal was never to go through that cemetery again and less in the early morning hours.

The legend ends with a new meeting between the man and the pantheon that helped him keep calm in such a strange moment. What the caretaker of the cemetery told him would disturb him even more.

It happens that the rider and his white horse they reappeared about four months later. And other people had also seen him in the same place.

((Sorceress Diary))
((Sorceress Diary))

Over time, the area where the lonely cemetery was located was fully inhabited. Although some new neighbors admit that they hear in the distance some chants and cumananasbut no one can explain its origin.

This is just one of the many stories, myths or legends that are often heard in some remote parts, and not so much, of this country. And as long as we are not eyewitnesses to any of these events, It will be the power of each one decide if you want to believe in the truth of these stories or not.


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Tumbes: the legend of the white horse rider that still shakes the city