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This article contains spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3!

With all episodes of Unsolved Mysteries now available to stream, fans of the Netflix investigative series may wonder about the puzzling twists and turns in all of its gripping cases. From bizarre disappearances and unexplained deaths to puzzling paranormal phenomena that are out of this world, these cases are some of the strangest the series has produced and provide a variety of theories for the armchair detective.

From the eerie lights in the sky that make most of Michigan call 911 to the walk of a young man who pulls him back to the edge of a river before his tracks suddenly disappear, there’s more to these fascinating cases than it seems. As much as the series hopes to draw attention to cases that need to be solved, these twists create more questions than answers.

Tiffany Valiante’s body was found without clothes or shoes

A star athlete and valued member of her community, Tiffany Valiante seemed to have an enchanted life. With college on the horizon, big changes seemed to offer big possibilities, until her body was found on the train tracks a few miles from her home. As “Mystery at Mile Marker 45” unfolds, Tiffany’s enchanted life appears to be nothing more than a mirage, filled with erratic behavior and depression.

As investigators and family members try to determine if the volleyball starter killed herself or was thrown on a passing train, something salient emerges; Tiffany was not wearing any of the clothes she had left her house to walk around in.

Tiffany received a mysterious call shortly before her death

Tiffany’s honest image was called into question when it was revealed she had used a friend’s credit card without his permission, and when she left her house at 9:28 p.m. she had already argued with her parents over the incident. About 45 minutes later, she received a phone call from the same friend with the credit card, which lasted 24 seconds.

Nobody knows, except this friend, what was said during this conversation, and an hour later, Tiffany had been hit by the train. Everything said in those 24 seconds could hold the key to Tiffany’s fate, and whether she was tricked into walking ahead of that train due to an extreme level of distress.

DJ Carter almost sees his father’s body

In episode three, David Carter’s murder contains many shocking details, but the most surprising twist of all has to be his son, DJ, who nearly tripped over his father’s dead body. He didn’t know it when he received his phone charger, but behind a closed bedroom door, his father was not “sick” as his girlfriend claimed, but dead.

If DJ had unwittingly opened the door to check on his father, he would have been forced to see an image that would have been etched in his mind forever. And, having been recognized as the murderer, Tammy Williams could have killed him in a panic. Unsolved Mysteries might be one of the best shows to fall asleep to, but knowing that DJ was in the same space as his dad’s body without knowing that’s the kind of thing that will keep fans awake at night. .

David Carter sends text messages after his death

One of the reasons DJ or any of the other Carter family members didn’t think to check on David was that they were still getting text messages from him. What they didn’t know was that every time he told them he was “too sick” to see them, Tammy Williams used his phone.

In order to give herself enough time to get rid of his body, she had to spend days texting David’s family even as she cut his body into pieces. It was too big and heavy for her to move on her own, so three separate pieces allowed her to carry her remains up several flights of stairs on her own. It was a really weird twist that had fans questioning the first part of the story.

Tamara “Tammy” Williams gets away with murder

It’s rare for an episode of Unsolved Mysteries to end with a known suspect, but even more bizarre when that suspect is still on the loose. This is the case of Tammy Williams, who is strongly suspected of having shot David Carter in the head, then having got rid of his body by cutting it into three pieces and leaving them on the side of the road.

Not only is the crime deeply disturbing, but she might be ready to strike again. As a former travel agent who has a large collection of wigs, she’s pretty good at traveling to new communities and blending in, meaning she could be anywhere and capable of anything. . Hopefully her location will be among the major case updates that occur after the episode airs.

Paranormal Ranger Coins Always Land Heads Up

In “Paranormal Rangers”, two Navajo Rangers investigate a series of phenomena that can only be attributed to the supernatural or, at the very least, to something beyond the realm of reality. Thinking of themselves as modern-day Mulder and Scully, they investigated everything from Big Foot sightings to reports of Skinwalkers.

In one memorable vignette, they drop coins to detect paranormal activity or an otherworldly presence, and all of the coins land on “heads”. What’s even weirder is that when they returned home and dropped coins, they also landed head-up. This begs the question – did something follow them?

The erratic movement of UFOs caught on radar

Like something from a paranormal show that specializes in all things spooky and bizarre, “Something in the Sky” focused on eerie lights in the night sky of Muskegon, Michigan. Not only could the lights be seen with the naked eye from kitchen windows and resident courtyards, but they could also be tracked by the local weather station’s radar equipment.

Radar was used to not only capture the movements of aerial objects in the sky, but also to determine that they were incredibly reflective and metallic based on the energy readings they emitted. Statements from speed cameras and key eyewitnesses triangulated their activity, and when one method failed, the other compensated.

Buffalo Jim was killed the day after his nemesis was released from house arrest

While there are many odd aspects to Buffalo Jim’s case from the fourth episode, one of the most surprising is surely the fact that just one day after his archenemy’s release from house arrest, the famous local Las Vegas celebrity is found. died in his hotel room.

The couple had been feuding since the opening of the Crazy Horse Too adult club directly between two of Jim’s businesses, but no one could have suspected that Jim would be hit on by someone with ties to the crowd. While that might seem like a huge coincidence, it’s certainly a salient detail that seems vital to solving the crime.

Josh Guimond’s online activity

Josh Guimond was just 20 when he disappeared while walking along a stretch of road near his college campus. And while the abducted student was certainly shocking, especially since minutes before he was at a party he left without saying goodbye, it was what was left in his dorm that was most surprising.

Josh had several usernames attached to Yahoo! Dating, where he sought relationships with both male and female users. He seemed to be exploring his sexuality, something he hid even from his friends, who didn’t believe it. If so, and he left the party to meet someone he met online, they might very well find out what happened to him. It’s a chilling case that has all the components of one of the best episodes of Unsolved Mysteries.

Other young men abducted along with Josh’s disappearance

As his episode revealed, there were other young men abducted just before and after Josh disappeared in November 2002. In the years before and after 2002, the news was full of young men disappearing all around the college campus. , often abducted by groups of 3 or 4 men and taken to remote areas to be killed.

While this fact may have obscured the details of Josh’s case and garnered attention, it was still a striking twist that begged the question; why were these young men being targeted in this specific area, who was the group of attackers, and did they take Josh away?

Unsolved Mysteries: 10 Most Shocking Twists From Volume 3 | Pretty Reel