Valls and DSK in the turmoil Orion Oil, Zemmour still condemned and suicide of a schoolboy against a backdrop of homophobia in the Vosges… The news of this Thursday, January 12

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Orion Oil case: DSK and Valls in turmoil. Release reveals the cogs of what could be one of the main channels for diverting Congolese oil revenues, from Paris to Brazzaville via Switzerland and Monaco. In question, the company Orion Oil and its boss Lucien Ebata, close to President Denis Sassou-Nguesso. Lucien Ebata joined, for 800,000 euros, in 2018 the services of DSK in the context of negotiations between the IMF and the African country, which wished to take out a loan from the financial institution. Judicial customs also suspect that relatives of Manuel Valls allegedly approached Lucien Ebata for covert financing of his fledgling 2017 presidential campaign.

First name “insult to France”: Eric Zemmour sentenced for racist insult against Hapsatou Sy. “It is a great pride to have stood firm during all these years and to have been able to have Eric Zemmour condemned for insult of a racist nature.” Hapsatou Syndid not hide his joy after the fine of 4,000 euros imposed by the Paris court on Eric Zemmour on Thursday. In 2018, the ex-presidential candidate and far-right polemicist had qualified the first name of Hapsatou Sy “insult to France”.

Vosges: an investigation opened after the suicide of Lucas, 13, victim of homophobic harassment. The parquet floor of Epinal announced on Thursday the opening of an investigation for harassment of a minor under the age of fifteen after the suicide, Saturday January 7, of Lucas, a schoolboy educated in Golbey (Vosges). Aged 13, he was in 4th grade at Louis Armand college in the Vosges. The young boy committed suicide at his home, against a background of school bullying and of homophobiaeven though he fully assumed his homosexuality.

Nina Smarandi, the RN parliamentary attaché who flirts with the neo-Nazis. On her Instagram account, Nina Smarandi poses here all smiles in front of a Celtic cross flag, a neofascist symbol; there she does the “white power” symbol with his hand. Here again, she wears a t-shirt from a brand claiming national socialism and founded by a former member of the supremacist group Blood and Honor (whose French branch was dissolved by the authorities in 2019). But it turns out that this young woman is also parliamentary attaché of the National Rally.

“Do we have to shoot?” LFI defends a commission of inquiry into refusals to comply. It’s a sad record. In 2022, twelve people were killed aboard vehicles by shooting from police officers who accused them of refusing to comply, according to a count of Release. This is eight more than in 2020, eleven more than in 2021, based on figures from the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) and the General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie (IGGN) . In this context, LFI deputies Eric Coquerel (Seine-Saint-Denis) and Ugo Bernalicis (North) presented a resolution on Thursday aimed at setting up a commission of inquiry into the conditions under which police and gendarmes intervene during roadside checks.

Radio audiences: France Info in good shape, bad waves for the other stations. Beyond the bluster of victorious stations, these are the hearings of a media in decline revealed by Médiamétrie on Thursday. During the months of November and December 2022, the radio again lost listeners, nearly 1.5 million compared to the previous year, for a total of 39.3 million listeners. Generalist stations, just as much as music ones, are struggling: they are all down (with the exception of RTL 2) over the period. Only the themes of French Radio (Info, Culture, Music) can rejoice. If the public group can still claim first place in France Inter, the station has lost 100,000 listeners in one year.

Rare earths: Sweden discovers the “largest known deposit” in Europe. A Swedish mining group announces this Thursday having discovered a deposit more than one million tonnes of rare earths, essential for the energy transition. The exploitation of the mine should not begin before ten or fifteen years.

United States: a special prosecutor appointed after the discovery of new confidential documents in the private residence of Biden. One “small number” Confidential documents dating from Joe Biden’s vice-presidency days have been found in his private residence in Wilmington, the White House said. Following the discovery of a dozen such documents in a former office of Joe Biden in Washington, his lawyers inspected his two private residences, where archives “could have been transferred during the 2017 transition“, explained in a press release the lawyer of the presidency, Richard Sauber. The President of the United States assured “cooperate fully” with American justice during a brief exchange with the press. And the Minister of Justice announced the appointment of a special prosecutor.

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Their parents died before retirement: “He had a nice little house built and couldn’t enjoy it”. Stéphane cracks. He cries on the phone and hangs up without warning. He calls back the next day apologizing. His mother, who died last year at 59, was not so lucky. The “anger still does not pass”. Children of precarious employees and workers, they lost a parent at an early age. These French people met by Libé tell how the postponement of the legal age to 64 will prevent many people from reaching retirement. Read their testimonials.

“Terrify 2”: push the clown! Shot with a ridiculous budget, Damien Leone’s slasher revives the great era of the genre and manages to find its way into French cinemas. Already, the tone and quality of the film are surprising – a genuinely disturbing and charismatic killer, characters with enough depth not to want to see them die too quickly, and a film that openly plays the supernatural card in a genre that didn’t venture there so much since the Freddy series in the 80s. Genesis of a perfect crime.

Marine Le Pen, tactician in her new palace. Good blood cannot lie, and Marine Le Pen has never looked so much like her father since she took over the leadership of a group of 88 deputies in the National Assembly. We knew the former head of the National Front, twice elected with the Poujadists under the Fourth Republic, a lover of parliamentary games and grubs. He had proved it between 1986 and 1988, at the head of 34 far-right deputies, multiplying the political blows intended to put his opponents in difficulty on the theme of the traditional “all rotten”. Since June, Marine Le Pen has been doing the same thing with similar delicacy. A taste for the parliamentary “combinazione” intended to strengthen it in its role as an opponent of Emmanuel Macron. Our analysis.

Qatar, lobbies and billionaires: who really finances British political life? In the United Kingdom, the financing of political parties has been a question for a long time. Public funds are limited, earmarked for administrative costs, and parties therefore rely on generous sponsors and membership. Scandal after scandal, their sources of income have diversified and regulations have been put in place. But a survey published on Monday shows that private donors still weigh heavily in the parliamentary sphere. Our decryption.

Do you speak socialist? Small lexicon to navigate in the congress of the PS. Not sexy the election of the first secretary of the Socialist Party? To understand the strategies and games of alliances tied around the candidates for the supreme rose – Olivier Faure, Hélène Geoffroy and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol – it is better to understand how the socialists cause. Between historical heritage and political jargon, Freed has made a small selection of words to know. Our lexicon.

Uniform at school: “It’s the idea that we are going to erase May 68, standardize adolescence”. “At the same time, we are unable to recruit teachers, the school results as measured by the ministry itself are a little worrying, […] this idea of ​​the uniform seems ridiculous to me”, François Dubet, sociologist specializing in school and inequalities, reacts to the idea of ​​a common school outfit, as Brigitte Macron wishes. His interview.

Valls and DSK in the turmoil Orion Oil, Zemmour still condemned and suicide of a schoolboy against a backdrop of homophobia in the Vosges… The news of this Thursday, January 12