Vampire Academy


Vampire Academy is an American television series based on The Vampire Academy, the successful series of paranormal romance novels written by Richelle Mead. Adapted from the creator of The Originals And Legacies Julie Plec together with Marguerite MacIntyrethe supernatural drama is set in a world of privilege and glamor where the friendship of two young women transcends their social classes as they prepare to make their society debut as vampires.
Between the elegance of aristocratic romance and the supernatural emotions of the vampire genre, we follow Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer, Mortal Kombat), a dhampir who studies at the prestigious St. Vlademir Academy to become the guardian of her Moroi best friend Lissa Dragomir (Daniela Nieves, Five Points). St. Vlademir Academy is not just any boarding school. It is a hidden place where aristocratic vampires (moroi) are educated and half-human, half-vampire teenagers (dhampirs) train to protect them from evil strigoi, vampires who would like to see them destroyed. As Rose begins to realize that being both Lissa’s friend and guardian may not be possible for her, she develops feelings for her mentor Dimitri Belikov (Kieron Moore, Sex Education). Likewise, Lissa forms a bond with the secretive and reclusive Christian Ozera (Andre Dae Kim, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds), moroi of a disgraced royal house, whom Rose does not look kindly on.
They also star in the series Andrew Liner (Grown-ish) as the handsome, loyal and popular Mason Ashford, a dhampir in competition with Rose; J. August Richards (Angel) by Victor Dashkov, a Moroi vampire with a heart of gold, member of the royal council and key adviser to the queen; Anita-Joy Uwajeh (Atlanta) by Tatiana Vogel, a Moroi vampire who slowly takes the royal court by storm; Mia McKenna-Bruce (Get Even) of Mia Karp, a non-royal Moroi vampire with a plan to improve her position; Rhian Blundell by Meredith Beckham, an intelligent, strong-willed dhampir with little patience for Rose’s volatility or Mia’s elitism, for whom she has feelings; And Jonetta Kaiser (Breakwater) by Sonya Karp, a quiet and distinctly strange young woman who sits on the fringes of Moroi society.


Vampire Academy is based on the young adult paranormal romance novel series of the same name written by the American Richelle Mead. Published since 2007, the series has six volumes (the first of which is entitled The Vampire Academy). A publishing success, in 2011 the same generated a spin-off, entitled Bloodlines, also six volumes long. The television adaptation features the same characters from the books and re-imagined versions of others. In the latter case, Tatiana Vogel and Mia Karp, based on the characters of Tatiana Ivashkov and Mia Rinaldi, are an example.

The first book of The Vampire Academy it had already been adapted for the cinema in 2014. The film, directed by Mark Waters, starred Zoey Deutch in the role of Rose Hathaway and Lucy Fry in that of Lissa Dragomir, among others. The initiative had not been successful, collecting about half of the production costs (30 million dollars) at the box office. For this reason, a sequel project was scrapped, as was the su campaign Indiegogo to finance a film based on the second novel fell short of its goals.

The series was filmed in Spain, in Pamplona, ​​Olite, Viana and Zaragoza. Some scenes were also filmed in Portugal.

Vampire Academy – TV Series (2022)