VOD Streaming: the new films and series not to be missed in November 2022

After Halloween and while waiting for the end-of-year holidays, the program of the platforms of streaming in this month of November 2022 may seem a little empty, but there are still some new things to get your teeth into. On the film side, we have retained the sequel Enola Holmes 2 on netflix and the new Olivier Marchal, Overdoseon Amazon Prime Video. For a family viewing, we will gather around the six short films Zootopia+ based on the 2016 film and broadcast on Disney+. Finally, at the serial level, we will look at 1889 and Wednesdaytwo series netflix unpublished.

What are we going to watch in November 2022?

Enola Holmes 2 (movie):

Platform: Netflix

Release date: November 04, 2022

Enola Holmes, the little sister of Sherlock Holmes, returns to lead the investigation in Enola Holmes 2 on netflix, a film in the same vein as the first part. This second opus is still inspired by the literary series The Enola Holmes Mysteriesbut this time tells an unpublished story whose action takes place during the strike of female match factory workers in London in 1888. We find Millie Bobby Brown in the title role, as well as Henry Cavill in the role of his brother Sherlock and Helena Bonham Carter who plays their mother Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes.

Overdose (movie):

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Release date: November 04, 2022

After Bronx released in 2020 on Netflix, Olivier Marchal returns to the platforms of streaming with his new movie Overdosethis time on Amazon Prime Video. We find all the ingredients of the director, with cops and thugs, in a breathtaking film punctuated by a bloody chase between Spain, France and Morocco, all against a backdrop of drug trafficking and political maneuvers background. Sofia Essaïdi and Assaad Bouab hold the main roles of Sara and Richard, two great cops who will have to collaborate.

Zootopia+ (series of short films):

Platform: Disney+

Release date: November 09, 2022 (6 short films)

Thanks to the 6 short films Zootopia+you can immerse yourself in the world of the film zootopia released in 2016 and find all the characters that make up this great metropolis populated by mammals. You will find the characters who made the salt of the critically acclaimed film such as Flash the sloth, Fru Fru the arctic shrew or Clawhauser the greedy cheetah. This is our youth recommendation for this month of November 2022.

1889 (TV series):

Platform: Netflix

Release date: November 17, 2022 (season 1 – 8 episodes)

Supervised by the creators of Dark (TV series in 3 seasons on netflix), 1889 is a mystery horror series set in the Atlantic Ocean. A steamboat filled with migrants of all origins will leave Europe for New York. This trip will take a nightmarish turn when they come across another ship of migrants adrift in the open sea. We advise you to watch this series in their original version, because each character speaks in their mother tongue.

Wednesday (TV series):

Platform: Netflix

Release date: November 23, 2022 (season 1 – 8 episodes)

The Adams family returns to the small screen with the TV series Wednesday on netflix. This new adaptation was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (the duo behind Smallville) and supervised by Tim Burton himself, who also directed 4 episodes. We will follow the character of Wednesday Addams, now a student, who discovers amazing psychic abilities that will help her lead the investigation when a series of murders terrorize the city. A series full of mystery and the supernatural with a 5-star cast.

Calendar of SVOD releases for the month of November 2022 (our selection of new releases):

  • Blockbuster: Netflix – 03/11/2022 (TV series).
  • Enola Holmes 2: Netflix – 04/11/2022 (movie).
  • Overdose: Amazon Prime Video – 04/11/2022 (movie).
  • Zootopia+: Disney+ – 09/11/2022 (short films).
  • Mammals (season 1): Amazon prime Video – 11/11/2022 (TV series).
  • Super Christmas, the series (season 1): Disney+ – 11/16/2022 (TV series).
  • The Wonder: Netflix – 11/16/2022 (movie).
  • 1889: Netflix – 17/11/2022 (TV series).
  • Mickey Mouse: The Story of a Mouse: Disney+ – 11/18/2022 (documentary).
  • Wednesday: Netflix – 11/23/2022 (TV series).

And you, what is your SVOD/streaming program for this month of November 2022? Tell us everything in the comments…

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