Warrior Nun – Season 2: review of the series

From November 10, 2022, the fantasy-action adventures of Ava and the warrior nuns return to Netflix in the second season of the series based on the homonymous comic book saga by Ben Dunn.

More than two years have passed since the release on Netflix from Warrior Nun, from that July 2, 2020 when at the end of the marathon of the first ten episodes the public discovered that it would not have all the answers it hoped for. The epilogue of the inaugural season of the fanta-action series based on the comic saga of the same name by Ben Dunn had left us in the moments immediately preceding the showdown between the warrior nuns led by the chosen Ava and the evil angel Adriel with his possessed followers. What happened in that furious clash in the halls of the Vatican had remained pending, at least until last year November 10, 2022date chosen by the stars and stripes broadcaster for the launch on the platform second season.

Warrior Nun – Season 2: the reversals of the front and of the dominant positions change the balance of history

In the eight chapters that make it up, the viewer is left empty-handed in the previous one season will learn about the outcome of that battle, but not before having discovered in the pilot where the protagonist and the surviving sisters went to find refuge and refreshment before the start of new hostilities. After a jump that takes us temporally away from where we left off, we find an Ava in disguise during a new training in an unidentified location in Switzerland. From here, with a back and forth of the hands in the clock face, the answers to the questions left unanswered begin to emerge, revealing what fate the chosen one and her fellow fighters met after that first clash with the enemy of turn, the same with which they will come to a definitive clash that will leave indelible wounds. But before the point of no return is reached, the opposing factions will clash on more than one occasion, continuously overturning the dominant positions, with the factions themselves distorted by the changes of sides and decimated by the bloody fighting.

In the second season of Warrior Nun the action and the fights make up for the writing shortcomings and guarantee a minimum of spectacle

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There second season of Warrior Nun there are many armed and bare-handed clashes, most of which are spectacular and well choreographed, which raise the bar compared to those of two years ago. Net of VFX who sometimes throw a tantrum, lowering the visual quality of the action scenes, the adrenaline is not lacking. In fact, duels and mass fights are the tastiest ingredient in a recipe which otherwise, on a narrative and dramaturgical level, re-proposes those chronic lacks of originality and structure that had already become apparent when the series debuted. The events entertain but do not involve emotionally. We therefore cling to the martial and ballistic show to give a boost to the vision of the eight episodes which in this sense could have been even half given the repetitiveness of situations and dynamics. Scenes such as the two against all in the alley and the one in the basement of the prison in the pilot episode, the all against all in the church complete with a long sequence in the fourth, or the massacre of the bishops in the conclave and the liberation of the nuns held hostage in the prison in Eastern Europe, respectively proposed in the fifth and sixth, are the best the series has offered up to now.

Warrior Nun has not much to offer other than a tangled plot of earthly, otherworldly, supernatural, drama, Bildungsroman and religion

Warrior Nun - Season 2 cinematographe.it

Here then is that you have to cling to the aforementioned component with your nails and teeth, since Warrior Nun it doesn’t have much else to offer except a tangled plot based on the terrain, the otherworldly, the supernatural, drama, bildungsroman and religion, with the latter being exploited for the use and consumption of the screenwriters as bait to attract the curious. And as if that weren’t enough to keep afloat, as in the first season, it tries to launch new scenarios, closing doors to open others in the final minutes. Will it be enough for the authors and the series to snatch a third season? Only the next few weeks will be able to tell us, but given the recent cancellations of similar products such as Fate: The Winx Saga, The Imperfects And Partner TracksNetflix’s renewal is anything but a given.

Directing – 2.5

Screenplay – 2

Photography – 3.5

Acting – 2.5

Sound – 2

Emotion – 1.5

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