Watch out, it’s climbing

It’s been pretty steep lately, isn’t it? We would almost sweat, as climbing invites itself everywhere, on war grounds, TV sets and even to the supermarket… Victorina de Oliveira struggles to keep up, and wonders if we’re not going to end up embarked on Artemis and projected on the Moon, by dint of climbing more or less symbolic levels.

“Not a week, not even a day, without anyone warning of a potential escalation or calling for it to be contained. There are the prices, first: it has been a few months since it became almost impossible to do your shopping without screaming inside. In the latter case, it is not so much the escalation as the inflation that we deplore, a way no doubt to mark our impotence (real or not) in the face of a phenomenon that we would pass off as supernatural – “It’s inflation ma’am, move around, there’s nothing to see”. A watchdog sentence that the TV host would not deny Cyril Hanounaso quick to defend the interests of his boss Vincent Bollorewhom he felt attacked last Thursday in the mouth of the young deputy of rebellious France Louis Boyard. We also publish an analysis of the Hanouna methodBetween clashbad faith and desire for plurality.

On the set of TPMP (Hands off my boss, sorry, at my post), the tone rose very quickly between the star host and his former columnist : “Shut up”, “Fool”, “You’re a piece of shit” are a sample of the flowery exchange that has been agitating social networks and now justice for a week, since Boyard and Hanouna have both announced to file a complaint. Last night on the set of BFMTV, MP LFI Raquel Garrido denounced “an escalation that is not his doing” [à Louis Boyard] and called for calm, perhaps fearing that one of the two belligerents would do something irreparable – what if Hanouna stopped inviting LFI? Unthinkable. It would be the equivalent of a nuclear media conflict.

We rather exchange virile handshakes and photogenic smiles only insults, but the atmosphere seems almost as tense at the G20 – or G19, depending on whether one considers the presence of Russia opportune. In the caption of a photo showing him reaching out and at the right time “on the march” towards the Chinese president Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron tweeted yesterday : “Stop the escalation and deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine.” the post preceded the news of the hundred or so missiles launched again yesterday by Russia, in particular at kyiv and Kharkhiv, not to mention the one that fell yesterday evening in Poland – at the time of writing these lines, there is still no certainty as to its provenance, which may well prove to be accidentally Ukrainian. Strangely, then, Macron seemed to be referring to Ukraine’s recent liberation of its own territory in Kherson. Achieving military objectives that are nevertheless supported by the international community has therefore become synonymous with escalation. Those concerned will appreciate.

You will notice that those who most easily unsheath the threat of escalation are rarely the same as those who toil on a route while more or less desperately searching for the exit. We deplore the escalation or we invite control when we seek to pose as an arbiter outside the conflict. The escalation also poses a strange symmetry, as if the two parties put on notice were equally responsible for the rise in temperature. In a word, it is to erase the relations of power and domination, and to act as if we were dealing with an inescapable mechanism which would only require a certain technique to be stopped, and not the good will of the most powerful and harmful. , or the most excited and loud. By extension, it also means giving yourself the power of the mechanic.

Ordinarily, gaining height is considered a pledge of wisdom: the Zarathustra of Nietzsche returns to his mountain when he is tired of the sterile quarrels of men. But these days, to speak of escalation (when other terms such as “escalation” or “tension” might be appropriate) amounts to denouncing a form of excess, ofhubris : something is slipping away, getting out of control, maybe it’s time for everyone to come back down to earth. Seen from the ground as from our natural satellite, it may well be that the absurdity of the whole is nevertheless just as flagrant. »

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Watch out, it’s climbing