We have selected for you the 6 series not to be missed in January 2023

After a first try on Amazon with Too Old to Die Young in 2019, Nicolas Winding Refn tries a new incursion on the small screen with Copenhagen Cowboy. A series that returns to his first love, the criminal world in his native Denmark, where he also offers a role to his daughter, Lola Corfixen. The leading role, however, goes to Angela Bundalovic, a Danish actress seen in particular in the first season of The Rainalso available on Netflix.

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Copenhagen Cowboy is described as a neo-noir thriller as dark as it is esoteric, in the vein of Winding Refn’s cinema. Miu is a renegade young woman in search of revenge against a criminal organization and in particular her nemesis, Rakel. In an odyssey to the frontiers of the supernatural, Miu will navigate the slums of Copenhagen in the hope of dismantling her old family and putting an end to the actions of Rakel and his henchmen. The promising encounter between Only God Forgives and the cult trilogy Pusher by the Danish filmmaker.

For who ? Fans of filthy mafia series and armored with fluorescent lights.

Where and when ? On Netflix from January 5.

#2. Welcome to Chippendales

No offense to his haters, the true crime is still a very popular and booming genre, as evidenced by the fall hit Dahmer on Netflix. Hulu tries its luck with Welcome to Chippendalesa biopic freely inspired by the memoirs of the Chippendales troupe, a group of male striptease dancers founded in the late 1970s. For twenty years, they will know the glory and notoriety on the coast American West until the assassination of their founder, Somen Banerjee, alias Steve.

In the manner of WeCrashed and The Girl from Plainvilletwo series true crime broadcast this year on Apple TV+ and Hulu respectively, Welcome to Chippendales promises to explore the rise and fall of a troupe of glamorous but desperate dancers. A series certainly as dark as it is sensual, carried by a nice cast including Kumail Nanjiani (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus), Dan Stevens (Legion) and Juliette Lewis (Yellowjackets).

For who ? The aficionados of true crime in the world of striptease.

Where and when ? On Disney+ from January 11.

#3. The Last of Us

In 2023, HBO opens the ball of serial blockbusters with the first video game adaptation in its history: The Last of Us. A series oh so much awaited at the turn by purists and fans of this major Naughty Dog production, and the prestige channel is well aware of this given the quality of the people involved in the project: Craig Mazin, at the origin of the multi-award winning mini-series Chernobylas showrunner, with by his side Neil Druckmann, the director of the two video game opuses, but also the composer Gustavo Santaolalla, long-time collaborator of Alejandro González Iñárritu and incidentally creator of the music for the two games The Last of Us.

There will also be beautiful people in front of the camera since Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, two veterans of Game Of Thrones, will bring Joel and Ellie to life in the flesh. The story of The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, when humanity has been decimated by a violent epidemic that transforms its hosts into foul and bloodthirsty creatures. In the midst of this living hell, Joel and Ellie cross the United States in hopes of finding a safe haven and a cure for the infection.

For who ? The fans of survival harrowing post-apocalyptic stories and Naughty Dog video games, of course.

Where and when ? On HBO Max from January 15 in the United States, and soon in France.

#4. In place

If we still have the cancellation of Funny this year, Netflix will start 2023 with a new prestigious French comedy called In place. First by its cast led by Jean-Pascal Zadi, Éric Judor, Benoît Poelvoorde or even Marina Foïs and Fadily Camara; then for its absurd but very chauvinistic theme, a political sitcom where Jean-Pascal Zadi becomes the French Barack Obama. The director of simply black there embodies Stéphane Blé, an idealistic educator who arrives overnight in the presidential race that he could well win.

Jean-Pascal Zadi will be in the oven and at the mill with In place, where he plays the main role, directs the episodes and is also credited as co-creator of the series. We cross our fingers so that the troupe of Zadi makes us forget the sorrow of having lost the endearing comedians of Fanny Herrero in Funny.

For who ? Sitcom fans in the political world.

Where and when ? On Netflix from January 20.

#5. Wolf Pack

First envisioned as a movie, the (unofficial) spin-off of Teen Wolf eventually became a series in the hands of its original creator, Jeff Davis. Almost five years after the end of the adventures of the werewolf Scott McCall, the showrunner of Teen Wolf does it again with a new story of teenage lycanthropes. In the wake of a destructive summer megafire, two teenagers wake up with terrifying powers. And when the full moon appears in the dark night, they reunite with other shapeshifters to figure out the reasons for their existence.

Wolf Pack is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Edo van Belkom and differs as such from Teen Wolf. But Jeff Davis borrows the same recipe as for his cult series, with, as a bonus, a gala guest in a leading role: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy Summers therefore temporarily leaves the world of vampires to kick werewolves’ ass, and just for the nostalgia of seeing our favorite huntress on the small screen, Wolf Pack definitely worth a visit.

For who ? Those nostalgic for Teen Wolf and buffy the vampire slayer.

Where and when ? On Paramount+ from January 26.

#6. Shrinking

You would be wrong to underestimate the comedies produced and distributed by Apple, especially after the success of small nuggets like Ted Lasso and MythicQuest. In Shrinkingthe American giant brought together Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, the creators of Ted Lassoand Jason Segel, unforgettable Marshall Eriksen of How I Met Your Mother. This embodies a patient in the midst of an existential crisis following a bereavement, and finds himself facing a therapist like no other camped by Harrison Ford.

Unlike his fellow psychologists, Dr. Phil Rhodes (Ford) doesn’t hesitate to tell his patients what he thinks of them. His goal is to shake up their lives and their state of mind in order to heal them by being particularly invasive in their lives. Shrinking appears to be a benevolent and modern series on mental health, a bulimic viewing all found while waiting for the arrival of season 3 of Ted Lasso.

For who ? The eternal pessimists in need of feel good series.

Where and when ? On Apple TV+ from January 27.

We have selected for you the 6 series not to be missed in January 2023