We were well together, from today the docufilm on Milan on Dazn. From Ancelotti to Maldini, the most beautiful quotes

After having toured the cinemas of Italy, reaching the first places at the box office on the weekend of 15-16 October, We were fine together – the first exclusive production of DAZN for cinema – arrives on the live streaming and sports entertainment platform from today, Wednesday 9 November. The documentary tells the golden age of UEFA Champions League of the Milan from Carlo Ancelotticelebrated and remembered almost twenty years later.

Docufilm Milan, from Istanbul to Athens: “We were well together” tells the Ancelotti epic

Between unpublished anecdotes and nostalgic images, the heart of We were well together is the exciting reunion at San Siro, where you are old friends and teammates, Massimo Ambrosini, Gennaro Gattuso, Filippo Inzaghi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Nesta and Andrea Pirlo recall their memories linked to three unforgettable moments in the history of football, today etched in the memory of all Milan fans. Together with them, special guest of the docufilm Carlo Ancelotti, Rafael Benítez, Gianluigi Buffon and Adriano Galliani, which retrace in detail the episodes that the whole sporting world knows, giving for the first time curiosity, memories, emotions and a unique point of view, shared by those who lived those evenings as a true protagonist. A five-year cycle that saw AC Milan triumph, fall and reborn: the night in Manchester, the one in which Paolo Maldini raised the sixth Champions in the history of Milan to the sky, the fall of Istanbul and the revenge of Athens signed by Pippo Inzaghi.

We were good together, the quotes

Ambrosini: «We would not have been us without Milan, and that Milan would not have been that Milan without us. This is our heritage ».

Galliani: “In that Milan there was an atmosphere that you understood that that was where our victories came from.”

Maldini: “The thing I miss most about my career as a footballer is that mixture of fear and excitement that gives you the full stadium.”


Galliani: «We go to Turin, we lose, and I get this stuff here. I call President Berlusconi and say “let’s change coach”, but who do we get? Let’s try with Ancelotti. I have the breakfast of my life with bread, salami, culatello and lambrusco and at his house we convince him to come to us ».

Ancelotti: «I didn’t make a good impression against Parma, because I had given the word, but the appeal of Milan was too strong». «I called Berlusconi to convince him and I said ‘buy me Nesta and we will win the Champions League’».


Ancelotti: «We weren’t the favorites, we were calmer, even the fact of having overcome this pressure of the semifinal has moved, let’s say, all the pressures on the side of Juve. Juve was the team that had exonerated me two years earlier and I thought I was wronged by being sent away from Juve. That was the serenity of thinking that in the end it all adds up ”.

Buffon: «In Nesta’s penalty there is something, believe me, supernatural. Sandro takes the penalty, I sense it and so I go to the ball with the almost total certainty of having saved the penalty. As the ball arrives it has an almost imperceptible change, almost as if it got up and widened in the last two meters, something that never happens in penalties ».


Galliani: “When we lose on penalties in Istanbul he (Gennaro Gattuso ed) comes to the office and says” I can’t overcome this pain and I want to go away at all costs! “, Then I lock him up in the trophy room in via Turati … 2 hours, 3 hours and then I brought him some sandwiches. “I can’t do it, I want to go away” but he wanted to go away for love, because he said he would never get over the pain of Istanbul. Towards evening he says “I’m staying at Milan”, then I open the door and we go away together ».


Inzaghi: «I knew I was playing in a final and I knew that at the end of the first half, if I hadn’t scored, I would have gone out. But think your head: I was stretched and I could not even run, I score and then I manage to play until the eightieth. And at the eightieth, on a Kakà ball, I still manage to make that shot ».

Ancelotti: «In this type of match it’s not just the physical aspect that counts… I knew that Pippo could invent something».

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We were well together, from today the docufilm on Milan on Dazn. From Ancelotti to Maldini, the most beautiful quotes