‘Wednesday’ is on Netflix, the protagonist: “I love creepy things”

To interpret it an amazing Jenna Ortega, who takes the baton from Christina Ricci (in the role of Wednesday in the film ‘The Addams Family’ of 1991)

Published:23-11-2022 18:31

Last update:23-11-2022 18:31

ROME – One of the most anticipated shows has finally debuted on Netflix. Tim Burton for his first series – written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (authors of ‘Smallville’)- he decided to tell the Addams family (the first unconventional ‘family’ in history, created in 1940 by cartoonist Charles Addams) through the cynical, disturbing, glacial, intelligent and multifaceted Wednesday. To interpret it an amazing Jenna Ortegawhich takes the baton from Christina Ricci (as Wednesday in the 1991 film ‘The Addams Family’). For the very young Ortega, born in 2002, this year that is about to end has been a truly horror year: she took part in the latest ‘Scream’ and in ‘X: A Sexy Horror Story’.


I’ve always loved creepy things. There are some really creepy photos of me smiling, lying on the floor covered in blood. I’ve never been stabbed yetso for me it is one funny thing I do for work, even if it’s awful to say. I like it when blood comes out. I wish people could see the other side of horror movies. We laugh a lot and all the time on set. We shot a scene with Ghostface in the latest ‘Scream’ and there was one day we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s really hard to scare me. When I was younger when I watched horror movies with my friends they jumped out from behind the doorposts and I didn’t flinch,” Jenna Ortega said in an interview.


“Wednesday is me”, Tim Burton had declared on the occasion of the premiere at the latest edition of Lucca Comics & Games. And that’s right. The series, in fact, tells of an outsider through another outsider (that undisputed genius Burton) with a dark soul like all his incredible cinema. The director brings to the screen the teenage daughter of Gomez (Luis Guzman) and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta Jones) with a new style for him. More ‘softened’, less raw, disturbing and disturbing than his usual style to open up to the teen audience who love the supernatural, mystery, comedy but also romance, ‘instagrammable’ series and visual perfection. The story is set at Nevermore Academy: a school for ‘special’ students that welcomes Wednesday, after having put piranhas in the swimming pool of the old school where those who have dared to ‘bullie’ with his brother Pugsley train. In these new corridors animated by new companions, the protagonist must investigate her visions and how to manage them, but also find the answers to a series of past murders which today are a danger to the inhabitants of the town where the Nevermore is located. A journey into mystery that appears too simplistic and with too little adrenaline for the high expectations that are at stake. But despite this, ‘Wednesday’ is a teen drama that also works with ‘little Burton’ and also ‘light years’ away from the nature of the Addams. A super (and still super) special mention goes to Mano, the inseparable ‘partner in crime’ of the protagonist with black braids and a pale face.


It might be hard to imagine finding a Wednesday in every human being. Yet seeing the series it is easy to empathize with the protagonist. She collides with the world and with her parents, she often feels discouraged and fascinated by what she doesn’t know, love terrifies her and attracts her at the same time, she is brilliant, she can’t hide disappointment or sadness on her face, she is search for a place in the world and for love. But she is also sad, angry and dissatisfied. Burton’s Wednesday is one of us, despite everything.

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‘Wednesday’ is on Netflix, the protagonist: “I love creepy things”