Welcome Live Action: December’s streaming news (28

Have the curiosity to see some Japanese drama or film… but don’t know how or where to find the subtitles in Italian.
Relaxing for a moment on the sofa with the desire to watch something on TV, having all possible streaming platforms at your disposal… without even knowing exactly what you are looking for, really.
Questions that we have probably all asked ourselves on more than one occasion, sometimes dismissing them with the idea that “watching Japanese and Asian dramas is too complicated, I give up.”

With the ever more widespread advent of streaming opportunities, tune into Japanese dramas and films instead it has never been easiernor had there ever been one like this in our country before wide possibility to range between titles and genres of very different fields.
Even, of series broadcast in conjunction with the Japanese television broadcast.

That’s why you will find here a periodic appointment dedicated to all live action newsor Japanese dramas and movies and to a lesser extent Asians, arriving in Italy on the most common online streaming platforms: no more doubts, as we will directly ad update you periodically on the new titles of Netflix, Rakuten Viki, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ and structures such as MyMoviesOne (containing Fareastream).

We hope that such a structured column can therefore become a valid aid and an essential reference, both as a reminder on “what to see”, and for new titles to eye on, intriguing you to always discover new ones.
So we leave you to discover the latest news:

Rakuten Viki


Sub-Genres: Psychological, Multiple Personality, Drama, Mystery, Detective

The Killer Inside

LGBT themes
Sub-genres: cohabitation, sex change, couple in crisis, boys’ love,

Candy Color Paradox

Love You Just as You Are

Sub-genres: cooking, sake, office lady

Wakako Zake

Wakako Zake 2

Sub-genres: world of work, rivalry

Roppongi Class

Sub-Genres: Comedy, Business, Boss Relationship, School, Supernatural, Teen Drama, Girlfriends, Heartbreak

Cinderella again



Sub-genres: drama, first love, trip down memory lane

First Love Hatsukoi

Note: First Love Hatsukoi and available with Italian language dubbing

Sub-Genres: Survival, Drama, Crime, Thriller, Underworld

Note: Narcosantos, Money Heist II I am available with Italian language dubbing

Sub-genres: Psychological, Drama

The Glory

Note: The Glory it’s available dubbed into Italian



Sub-genres: Drama, Psychological, Historical


Sub-genres: sentimental, psychological, dramatic

Seeking revenge

Note: Seeking revenge it’s available dubbed into Italian

Amazon Prime Videos


Sub-genres: slice-of-life, anthology, female lives, world of work

Modern Love: Tokyo

NHK World

The streaming channel of the Japanese broadcaster NHK offers free content, for a period of one year, with subtitles in English language:

Sub-Genres: Murder, Mystery, Family

Kuuhaku wo Mitashinasai

Available HERE

MyMoviesOne / Fareastream


Sub-genres: horror, supernatural, zombies


Train To Busan

Sub-genres: detective story, traffickers, thriller

Infernal affairs

Recommended for you

Availability: Netflix
Adapted from: original work
Topics: dramatic, sentimental, first love, nostalgia, memories



  • inspired by the song of the same name by Hikaru Utadathe singer’s voice is the soundtrack of the entire series;
  • filming took place in as many as 50 different locations on the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, as well as other areas of the country;
  • the protagonists are the two versatile actors Takeru Sato (Rurouni Kenshin) and Hikari Mitsushima (Gomen ne, seishun), supported by a very high-profile cast.

A man and a woman retrace their memories of their unforgettable first love; first meeting in the 90s, they grew up together in the 2000s.
Yae Noguchi dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but is stopped by an accident; Harumichi Namiki, on the other hand, becomes a pilot in the Japan National Defense Forces. Then, one day, the man quits his job.

Availability: Viki
Adapted from: seinen manga by Hajime Inoryu and Shota Itō published in Italy by Sandwiches Comics
Topics: psychological, drama, thriller, multiple personalities

Eiji Kyōka

Curiosity: director Hiroaki Matsuyama edited the TV adaptations of Nobunaga Concerto, Liar Game, Honey & Clover, Heartbroken Chocolatier, Don’t Call it Mystery and Fishbowl Wives

Eiji Urashima is a college student and his father is a serial killer. One day he realizes that he suffers from split personality disorder and worries that his other personality may have committed a murder. This leads him to start an investigation to find out the truth.

Availability: MyMoviesOne / Fareastream
Adapted from: original work
Topics: survival, zombie, supernatural, horror

train to busan poster

Curiosity: direction and screenplay are by Sang-ho Yeonwho also edited the sequel Peninsula and the live-action adaptation of Hell bound.

Seok-Woo is a fund manager in Seoul. He is separated from his wife and lives with his daughter Soo-An. Seok-Woo doesn’t spend much time with his daughter and on the night before Soo-An’s birthday he insists on seeing her mother as a birthday present. Early in the morning, they board the KTX train to Busan at Seoul Station. A zombie girl, infected with a horrific, spreading virus, boards the same train. Seok-Woo, Soo-An and the other passengers of the KTX train must now fight for their lives.


Before leaving you to watch, a small suggestion for us and for you: if you find a live action title on one of these platforms that you cannot find in our database and you would like to be able to comment and thumbs up, let us know, possibly with precise references (title – better if original-, provenance, etc).
We will add it for you as soon as possible!

Welcome Live Action: December’s streaming news (28-12-2022)