What rocks in Morocco? #February

It is to its indie and eclectic programming, often nester young talents and niche artists, that Maze has decided to become a partner of La Maroquinerie. At the beginning of each month, you will find a selection of concerts to see in this room where musical immersion is total.

Leather goods has been bringing indie music to life for nearly fifteen years and making it resonate and vibrate throughout Paris. A concert hall which has been able to accommodate over the past fifteen years groups which today shine internationally such as PJ Harvey, LCD Soundsystem, vampire weekendMGMT, Macklemore, Kasabian, FKA Twigs… and we go on and on, the list is long and impressive.

What rocks in Morocco? will blow you away with the concerts, performances, lives, future successes and exploits of this new indie scene that La Maroquinerie wants to represent and share. Why what rock? Because today the word “rock” encompasses an atmosphere, an atmosphere, a vision and a sharing between the stage and its audience more than a style of music in its own right. A space of madness that remains anchored in our memories. Here is our selection for the month of February:

Adé on February 1 and 2

No need to really introduce Adé, former singer of the Thérapie Taxi group. After two dates already sold out at La Maroquinerie and La Cigale in April, the Parisian singer comes to defend her first solo album. So what ?. Mixing futuristic country and radiant pop, Adé will deliver his silky music, with Americana and folk influences sprinkled with modern notes, at La Maroquinerie for his first solo concert.

It’s sold out but we’ll save you places here.

Walter Astral on February 8

Be careful, a cosmic world is opening up to you. Walter Astral, a perched psychedelic electro duo, will marabout with oriental-sounding banjo riffs and piercing techno rhythms the dark and divine enclosure of La Maroquinerie. The two mages Tristan and Tino will pour the magic of their first EP Hyperdruid, released in October 2022, in order to rock their followers and hypnotize the ignorant who will find themselves there by chance. A supernatural concert awaits you.

Tickets are available just here.

Death Valley Girls February 18

The band from Los Angeles comes to unleash its stoner garage music for the Alligator Nights festival, a regular at La Maroquinerie. Protected by Iggy Pop, the Death Valley Girls, made up of three girls and a guy, are back with an album: Islands In The Sky, scheduled for February 24. On this opus, their music sounds softer (well almost), with Velvet Underground influences but still as faithful to the psychedelic garage music of the 60’s. Come and discover a preview of their new rock’n’roll baby as well as their crazy and punk energy on the stage of La Maroquinerie.

Tickets are available just here.

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