Who is Luis Ratti, the businessman who hired Ilan Chester


Caracas.- Two issues seem to occupy the agenda of the businessman from Aragón today, Luis Alejandro Ratti. On the one hand, to settle the dispute between him and the Venezuelan singer-songwriter, Ilan Chester, after the suspension of the concerts offered for Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz, on September 2 and 8, and that the 13 thousand dollars that he claims to have paid the artist for said presentations be returned. And on the other, the development of his political campaign for the presidential elections scheduled in Venezuela for the year 2024.

The 43-year-old man, a native of Maracay, who defines himself in the biography of his account on the social network Instagram @luisrattiofic as a businessman, evangelical, preacher, lecturer and independent political candidate, started a campaign on that social network, to show his aspirations to the first magistracy of Venezuela.

This is not the first time. Already in 2018 he registered his option before the National Electoral Council (CNE)supported by the Venezuelan Movement for National Reconstruction (Movernos), which he himself founded in April 2018. On that occasion, in the midst of the electoral campaign, Ratti resigned in favor of fellow candidate Henri Falcón.

In Maracay, Luis Alejandro Ratti is known as the owner of Inversiones Supernatural VSG CA, a firm that, according to the registry of companies in the state of Aragua, is dedicated to the sale of stationery, school supplies, office supplies and supplies. This firm is now the parent company of VSG Productions, an event production company, active since the beginning of this year.

«The truth is that Luis Ratti is, to say the least, a controversial figure. He has militated in three political parties, he has run for all possible positions in the electoral contest, some as a Chavista and others as an opponent. He is a harsh critic of figures such as Richard Mardo and worked with Tarek El Aissami, when he was governor of Aragua. However, he is very critical of the current regional management (the governor is the psuvista Karina Carpio)”, comments a regional political leader who asked not to be identified.

“For many, this incursion as an event producer was a surprise, which began very recently, with productions with comedians in local hotels and at the Ipsfa Maracay headquarters,” said the same person.

Other sources consulted, linked to the political and business sphere in Aragua, agree that Ratti is seen as “a skillful man, who plays with the rules that they put on him.” They agree that, at this time, his recurring theme is the presidential election campaign and wanting to build an image that relates him to the late broadcaster and politician Renny Otollina.

“In his last political press conference, in April of this year, he launched the Renny Project from Movernos, which he says is a plan to rescue values ​​and the family. As an evangelical spokesman he has expressed himself against equal unions and any issue that includes LGBTI people », explains a journalist who covers the political source in Aragua and who requested the protection of his identity.

Politics, religion and entertainment

What the sources explain coincides with the political and public career that Ratti has had. His start in political parties dates back to 1996, when he was part of the ranks of the Movement for Socialism, where he maintained his militancy until 1999 and between 2013 and 2016 he presided over the Hugo Chávez Bolivarian National Front, a movement created to support to Nicolas Maduro.

In 2015, he was a candidate for the National Assembly in Circuit 3 of the state of Trujillo, and on that occasion he was supported by the Movement for Socialism, without achieving victory. He tried again in the 2020 parliamentary elections, supported by the Ecological Movement party, as a candidate for the Aragua state. He was not elected either.

Ratti’s aspirations led him in 2021 to register his candidacy for the governorship of Aragua, nominated on this occasion, by the Popular Political Unit 89 (UPP89) party, a party that defines itself as leftist and that has supported candidates who dissociate themselves from the ranks of the ruling party by not having the support of the PSUV. The results of the National Electoral Council placed him in penultimate place in that contest.

Despite political setbacks, he was incorporated into the National Dialogue Table at the request of the representatives of the ruling party, “for being the spokesperson for a vast sector of the opposition.”

In the religious sphere, he defines himself as an “evangelical minister”, but not a Pastor, and gives religious conferences.

The disagreements between Ilan and the businessman

As for his relationship with Ilan Chester and his team, the disagreement arose from the way the payments were made.

Both Ilan, in a video published this Sunday September 10 on your account @ilanchesteroficial, like Ratti, at the press conference held in Puerto Ordaz on September 5, focus on this issue of discord. As to why in this breach, each one gives different reasons.

Until August 26, Ratti posted photos with Ilan Chester in their social networks, praising their musical quality. Ilan had already performed a first concert on July 29, specifically at the Hotel Pipo, under the coordination of VSG Productions.

After the press conference, Ratti indicated that his company will file a lawsuit against Ilan Chester “for the damage caused”. He said he was “hurt and upset” by the decision to suspend the artist’s show.

Another controversy has been the return of the money from the tickets, to those who bought them to attend the concerts in Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz. Luis Ratti made Ilan’s private telephone number public so that those affected could charge him the amount they had paid.

Ratti also expressed himself this weekend on his Instagram account. “It is unfair that some come to dishonestly get money and take it to the United States. In Ilán’s case, it is a scam not only against the producer, but also against those who believed in Ilan Chester’s invitation to a concert.

The last video posted by the artist looks like a response to Ratti, although he doesn’t name him. In his dialogue, he informs his fans that he will perform the concerts in Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz, “with truly professional people.” He explained that he received messages from his fans “but not from rancor”, while asking them for patience, to use the purchased tickets. He assured that he was disrespected by those who hired him, “for feeling handsome and supported and threatening his alleged contacts.”

For now, the conflict with Ilan Chester and his performance as an event producer will be the topic that Luis Ratti occupies. Then he will have to put together his campaign and strategy to compete in the presidential elections in Venezuela.

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Who is Luis Ratti, the businessman who hired Ilan Chester