Why do sheep go in circles? What could be hidden behind the latest mystery of the web

The latest mystery of the web starring a weirdo video which frames some sheep turn in circles tirelessly. In the city of Baotouin Mongolia, the surveillance cameras have captured this particular behavior of the flock with a video that has become in a short time viral.

The owner of the farm declared that she was remarkably amazed by this never-before-observed activity, which can only be found in one of the farm’s 34 sheepfolds and in particular in the number 13. Precisely this number has given rise to numerous speculations on the possible reason behind the continuous turning of the sheep, which clash with logical and scientific explanations.

In detail, some sheep have begun to turn clockwise from the November 4th and were soon followed by their companions. It seems that to date the sheep have not yet finished this curious activity, but it is not clear if they have so far stop to rest or feed.

The sheep of the Apocalypse

The perfect circle formed by the march of sheep, coupled with the gloomy landscape have left a profound sense of restlessness most of the web users who shared the video. This then added to the absence of explanations for the phenomenon, so many have sought one supernatural motivation.

The basis of most of these theories is the presence of number 13, which in many cultures is charged with a deep symbolic meaning. In the Nordic countries, for example, but also in Greece and Spain, this number relates to bad luck and to disasters. Also in Italyin fact, it is possible to find a certain distrust towards the number 13.

Legend and myth have often motivated this fear, for example the Scandinavian mythology finds the problematic nature of this number in the arrival of the thirteenth and last divinity, Loki, who was the bearer of misfortune and cruelty.

Obviously there is no evidence to support these theories, if not precisely the apprehension felt by the spectators, who coined the definition of sheep of the Apocalypse.

Expert theories

There were also some scientific theories in this regard, given the enormous diffusion of video on the Internet. The most shared explanation is that the behavior of the sheep is due to ainfectionespecially listeriosis.

THE listeria bacteriain fact, have strong repercussions on the brain and on the nervous system of the sheep, therefore it is plausible that they are the cause of the continuous turning of the sheep. The owner stated that the herd is in perfect condition healthso further causes such as the can not be ruled out soil contamination by mushrooms od radio waves.

What is certain is that at the moment there are no explanations unambiguous and confirmed, even if the experts have been trying for the past 14 days to analyze the video in search of any signal. Among the various opinions in this regard, there is also the possibility that the origin of the behavior was a severe stresswhereby the mechanism of imitation he would do the rest.

Given the peculiarity of the situation, some people have not hesitated to provide a more pragmatic and simpler opinion, namely that the video of the sheep circling is nothing more than a publicity stunt. According to this eventuality, everything would have been orchestrated to obtain greater visibility, perhaps precisely for a horror movie.

Indeed the video has achieved a very high popularity in just two weeks, and people Worldwide are looking for a possible clarification on this phenomenon, which, moreover, is accompanied by a strong dose of mystery.

Why do sheep go in circles? What could be hidden behind the latest mystery of the web