Wina Series, Day 8: strong and melting at the same time

AA Bosh AA joins the Red Diamond club on the strength of a single victory (but not just any victory), while Nitn3lav seeks a fifth title in as many editions of the festival. Back on an evening at 1.65 million euros.

“How do you want to govern a country where there are 258 varieties of cheese? General de Gaulle would have said (probably one day when he preferred dessert). The Winamax Series is a bit the same thing: how to tell you about a poker festival where 211 different tournament formats jostle? Between small buy-in industrial productions bringing together thousands of players (up to 20,000 on the Sunday Surprise!), platters for gourmets at €250 or €500 a slice, exotic varieties that rarely appear on the menu, and the Flights whose refinements never end, we no longer know where to give our taste buds. Especially on a Sunday, traditionally the day when the biggest banquet of the season is held. The day after an evening at 1.65 million euros, let’s try to trace the menu of a feast where 17 winners have badly stuffed themselves.

Sunday Surprise: AA Bosh AA will see life in red

Sunday SurpriseThe 5-carat Red Diamond status is Winamax’s most exclusive VIP status. Long, very long is the queue that stretches out in front of its red velvet cord. You wait there for months, even whole years, during which you have to limit yourself to an almost supernatural volume of play in cash-game, Expresso or MTT in order to reach the amount of Miles necessary to pass the physio posted at the entrance to this very closed club. But AA Bosch AA, he only needed seven hours and three minutes to join the cenacle… having won a Sunday Surprise in the form of a skip-the-line pass for the Red Diamond club. Arriving at the top of an edition that brought together more than 20,000 subscribers, he won the most beautiful piece – €13,808, very precisely – from an endowment that exceeded €185,000, and will without further delay take advantage of the same advantages that the most assiduous Winamax players, including a certain Alexane Najchaus, the latest recruit to date within Team Winamax and whose diligence in Expresso allowed him to join the club only two years after his first games. Among the very special rewards awaiting AA Bosh AA over the next twelve months are Miles which will now accumulate seven times faster in its account, two monthly bonuses of €8,000 to be unlocked, Freerolls at €15,0000 each month in a very small committee, and an invitation to all the live events organized by Winamax. For example the Winamax Poker Open Bratislava, which will kick off in just two weeks. Perfect: we will be able to celebrate this victory together, and quickly!

The five in a row

Nitn3lavFive victories in as many editions! Nitn3lav is definitely the Swiss cuckoo clock of the Winamax Series: a precision model, always on time to perform, set like clockwork on the calendar of our flagship festival. Especially since this last victory did not take place in just any event: the 6-max Championship and its €170,752 prize pool. By winning more than €31,000, the former candidate for the Top Shark Academy (2022 edition) signed his second biggest win on Winamax after a deal concluded heads-up – the record had been set on his first Series title, with 71 €473 won on the Mass Start 6-max Championship of the April 2021 edition. Obviously, the temptation is great to listen more closely to this new coronation: to do this, throw yourself on the “cards-up” replay in the middle of the article.

On his side, FishTonic93 celebrated the anniversary of its first Series title with… quite simply, a second title. A year after the €100 4-max, it was in the Mystery Marathon that he distinguished himself, winning nothing less than the biggest prize of the evening (€42,824) at the end of a final where we notably came across salutafion, current leader of the Leaderboard. Neruth 667, he opened his Series counter with a €100 4-max KO victory falling two years after a Main Event title. Logo change for Nora Durstwhich will lose its Pokus logo acquired last November in Razz in favor of a Series pellet won on the PLO 6-max KO.

The palm of the most deserving competitor of this Sunday? We want to spin it to badpince14, who won the €5 Monster Stack despite only having ten blinds to start the final… a meager capital that quickly melted down to 2.66 BB! And yet, only 45 hands will be necessary for him to completely turn the tide at a full ring table. Again, you just have to dig into the summary table of this article to subdue this exploit.

Finally, it will be good, on this Monday morning, to start sounding the tocsin concerning the five maxi Flights of the Winamax Series: you only have three days left to try to cross the Day 1. The High Five and the Million Event have already quietly exceeded their guaranteed prize pools of 300,000 and one million euros, respectively: their final prize pool will probably approach 200% of the guaranteed. The other three (Mystery Giant, Mystery Colossus and Mystery Main Event) hover around 80% and will most likely avoid the overlay. We hurry!

His story will become legend

kopSometimes, Wina Series legends are built all at once: for example by winning a huge Winamax Series Flight. Others prefer to build their myth stone by stone. In this case, ask Nitn3lav, the winner of the 6-Max Championship. Because he is forging a record by taking his time, as time goes by: his title in this Event 118 played over two days thus constitutes his fifth Series badge over the last five editions of our flagship festival! To win this time, he obviously had to overcome a shoal of formidable sharks (including our Team Pro _Winda, 24th out of 776 entries) and whip during a long final of 255 hands, which he had started in the position of chip leader. A status that he reinforces from the start thanks to a few small pots scraped, then by quickly eliminating Fast Crusher (7th, hand #15), before shaving (with a big scratch on the river) the Barbus of tzu007 (6th, hand #30). But the Top Shark Academy 2022 candidate will then lose feathers at the expense of SirHawkwho will take control while the Kings of tatan121988 stand this time against J3AmMadam3 (5th, hand #57). And a bad beat that can hide another, the unfortunate salt mine (4th) digs his grave in a battle of the blinds preflop against SirHawk, who can also thank the river (hand #68).

A threesome ensued where SirHawk tried to maintain his lead, which he managed until losing a coinflip on hand #133. Increasingly short stacked, the triple finalist in the Battle Royale this summer even ended up cracking on hand #164 (3rd for €17,705, the biggest win of his career all the same). Then begins a rather balanced heads-up, when Nitn3lav and tatan127988 choose dealer. This does not have the effect of making them lose sight of the objective of the title: it is with regularity that the second makes the first fall under the 7 blinds after 31 hands of HU. But thanks to a double-up (hand #201), then two (hand #212), then three (hand #216, with a good call as a bonus), Valentin is back in the game, before finding the magic runout on the hand #246, then land the killing blow with a superior flush draw. In the lead at the time of the deal, tatan127988 collected €28,584 (his first performance recorded on Wina), less than Nitn3lav (31,326 €) who therefore takes the ticket left to win, his second biggest win on our site. And continues to write his legend step by step…

A well-watered birthday

Gin toHe too has already distinguished himself in the Wina Series lately. Precisely, exactly a year ago: that’s when FishTonic93 won the €100 4-Max. To celebrate this anniversary, he did it again, in another very fine tournament: he won the Marathon Mystery Championship! It must be said that he started the final with twice as many chips as his closest pursuers, and quietly witnessed the exit of Omarlittlee. (7th, hand #7), then takes it upon himself to annihilate the last chance of try again (6th, hand #35). salutafion, winner of a big title in these Series a few days ago, then lost the opportunity to achieve the first double of these Series (5th, hand #39). Then FishTonic93 flopped a nice nut flush to sink the makeup of mamasitaaa (4th, hand #50), and approach the 3-handed with 130 BB… against 40 at Opapa Moqueca and 10 at Afortunado88. He will only need one more hand to ruin the second (3rd for €13,756 + €1,295 in mystery bounty) and 30 others to complete an OpapaMoqueca which started too far to hope to turn the tide, despite a double-up early. The latter collects €19,911, drawing a bounty of €2,945 in addition… the biggest Mystery Bounty ultimately goes to the winner, who therefore collects €13,535 in addition to the €29,289 of his first place! It was worth fighting for 10h41, while the other two Marathon Mystery tournaments of the day were not left out (10h36 of play for the €10 and 11h53 for the €50 version). And now, let the party continue…

Their own Grand Slam

Carlos AlcarazThis Sunday session probably proves it more than all the others: to win a Winamax Series tournament, you must of course be technically equipped, know how to make almost all the moves of poker, but also be able to hold on physically. Almost half of the tournaments that ended on Sunday lasted at least seven hours, with a maximum of almost 12 hours for the €50 Mystery Marathon alone, whose end time was around 4 am! And if the final tables available in replay below were not necessarily monsters of longevity – apart from that of Event 117 -, tell yourself that, for their protagonists, they started after already many efforts. To triumph there would then be to win by coming out of three matches won in five consecutive sets. Completely crazy, right?

Leaderboard: the Big Four remains in place

Big FourSalutafion, BountyPrXabi, AMGlNE and PrinzOfRozva, in this order: the top quartet of the honorary ranking of the festival does not move between Sunday and Monday. And certainly do not count on the first city to let slip his place of n°1, he who accentuated his lead by finishing fifth in the Marathon Mystery Championship, for his third final table of the fortnight. Behind, they are two more to cross the bar of 100,000 points: alpachinese_ thanks in particular to his eighth Top 30 (23rd in Event 130) and YearOfStr8. They are ahead of the new entrant Nitn3lav, propelled by his coronation in the 6-Max Championship above a Petit doudou who lost three ranks. Without any final table to his counter but many deep runs and a consequent volume, bmbn73 now closes this Top 10.

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Wina Series, Day 8: strong and melting at the same time