Corrado Sforza Fogliani: the memory of Emanuele Galba, new director of Bancaflash

From left: Sforza Fogliani and Galba (photo by Alessandro Bersani) Corrado Sforza Fogliani seen up close. Forty days after his disappearance, here is the memory of Emanuel Galbathe journalist former director of The Chroniclewho took the baton from the president of the Bank of Piacenza driving by Bankflash. The known periodical of the credit institution … Read more

John Carpenter: 7 films to know and love a legendary director

Credits: Wikipedia/Nathan Hartley Maas When it comes to the history of cinema, there are few names that are brought up in any speech. One of them is definitely to John Carpenter, one of the cornerstones of the history of mediums, especially in the horror field that has inspired almost every filmmaker who has followed him. … Read more

The director of ‘M3GAN’ debuted with another great combination of horror and comedy: a twist on haunted houses with a lot of Peter Jackson that can be seen on streaming

Mixing horror and comedy still generates friction among some viewers, and strangeness among others. Is it possible that two more opposite tones than horror and joke coexist? Of course, hardline fans of fantasy know that it’s not only possible, but it takes being part of the genre cinema offer since time immemorial. In that sense, … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan: A director ‘without fear of success’… or failure

‘Servant’ Confirms Director M. Night Shyamalan Loves Danger “Imagine the conversation: ‘Hey, Tim CookI’m going to make you a program. It’s about a dead baby, it’s going to be really popular, you’re going to love it. Trust me. People are going to fall over laughing. It’s going to be fantastic,’” he says. M.Night Shyamalan via … Read more

Copenhagen Cowboy on Netflix: what is this dark and fantastic series by the director of Drive worth?

Available today on Netflix, Copenhagen Cowboy is the new series from Nicolas Winding Refn. He signs a fantastic odyssey with a heroine as strange as it is disturbing. An often frustrating series that stands out for its aesthetics. What is it about ? After a life of servitude as a human lucky charm, a woman … Read more

On Netflix the director of “Drive” presents his new black series

After Drive, The Neon Demon and the series Too Old to Die Young, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn plunges us into the twists and turns of Copenhagen for a terrible encounter with the underworld. As strange as it is contemplative, the series Copenhagen Cowboy premieres January 5 on Netflix. “Copenhagen Cowboy”, the new series by … Read more

M3GAN Director Jokingly Teases Annabelle Crossover | Pretty Reel

Director Gerard Johnstone jokingly teases a potential M3GAN and Annabelle crossover that would see the killer dolls go head-to-head. Director Gerard Johnstone hints that an Annabelle crossover could be in M3GAN’s future. The upcoming horror flick produced by James Wan and Jason Blum centers on an android with the appearance of a young girl, designed … Read more

Pierre Földes • Director of Saules aveugles, femme endormie

“I was interested in talking about mysterious things, which already opens a door to the supernatural” 12/15/2022 – The director talks about his animated feature adapting Haruki Murakami, awarded in Annecy and in competition at Les Arcs Film Festival (© Maëva Benaiche/Les Arcs Film Festival) Winner of a special mention at Annecy and also screened … Read more

Steven Spielberg’s great regret after the success of “Jaws” and other confessions that the director made to the BBC

Drafting* BBC News World 35 minutes image source, Reuters Film director Steven Spielberg says he is “really sorry” about the sharp decline in the world’s great white shark population following the success of his movie “Jaws.” In an interview with the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs He assured that he fears that the sharks … Read more