What’s new on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ on the weekend (December 9)

We have reached the end of a somewhat abrupt week, since December 6 and 8 have been holidays and not everyone has been able to enjoy them as a bridge and has had to work on school days. Even with its ups and downs, we are already at the weekend and we have time to, … Read more

Gael García will star in the Disney Plus film “Werewolf by night”

Gael García will star in the Disney Plus film “Werewolf by night” One of the surprises that Expo D23 has brought and that has shocked the public the most, among the presentation of Star Wars, has been the first Werewolf by Night trailer, especially for Mexican fans, since the film will star the Mexican actor. … Read more

Boris 4: The ‘too Italian’ series goes international and revolutionizes Disney+ with its unmistakable irony


The fourth season of the comedy that makes fun of Italian television is finally available on the Disney streaming platform. And he wants to “destroy” it. Dreamed, requested, hoped for and then finally come true, the fourth season from Boris – the series that for three seasons and a film has ridiculed the mechanisms that … Read more

Disney+, le migliori Serie TV del 2022 (aggiornate a novembre)


Dalle esclusive serie animate per adulti ai titoli più attesi degli universi Marvel e Star Wars: in questo speciale sempre aggiornato scoprite quali sono ogni mese le serie tv da non perdere sulla piattaforma di video in streaming diventata molto più della semplice “casa di Topolino”. Le attese serie evento di franchise eterni come Star … Read more

‘Pinocchio’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and the Disney classics if Tim Burton made them


Gothic atmospheres, distorted bodies and marginalized characters would inhabit Disney animated films if Tim Burton were their creator. Tim Burtondirector of The big fish Y merlindoes not hide that one of his main influences is Margaret Keane, whose paintings consist of the portraits of children, women, dogs and cats with huge eyeballs. The influence of … Read more

Agatha Harkness, Disney series could revive an old Marvel team


The past year has been a whirlwind for the dark and supernatural corners of the Marvel Universe. Between the annihilation of the Darkhold and the introduction of Midnight’s Children, it seems there’s never been a better time to be undead. This is quickly becoming true in the Marvel Cinematic Universewith the success of Werewolf by … Read more

Hellraiser: Beware of your addictions and the Cenobites in Disney+ horror


Hellraiser, reboot of the famous film by Clive Barker, arrives on Disney + with a story destined to rewrite the horror saga forever. The protagonist is a twenty year old, addicted to alcohol and drugs. It arrives on October 7 on Huu in the United States (and soon in Italy on Disney+) the film Hellraiser. … Read more

On Disney+ this year for Halloween chills, cries and audacity


Disney+ is full of new features for Halloween, including the highly anticipated HOCUS POCUS 2 and the film MARVEL STUDIOS PRESENTE: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, there will be something for everyone Paris, September 20, 2022 This year with Disney+ Halloween belongs to streamers. Celebrate the Hallowstream, with a wide selection of spooky content, whether you’re a … Read more

Darby and the Dead: The strange friendship between two high school students in the Disney+ movie


disney+ offers the film Darby Harper: Ghost Consultinga teen comedy with a fantasy twist in which a ghost whisperer high school student faces the death of his mother and reopens to life thanks to the ghost of his best friend-enemy. Darby Harper: Ghost Consulting is the film that debuts December 2 on Hulu in the … Read more