HP Lovecraft in Villaverde: Already on Prime Video one of the best Spanish horror films of 2022

A beautiful chestnut trip that the crazier it gets, the better. The horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró and starring Ester Expósito arrives on the Amazon platform two months after its theatrical release. A bag of stolen pills, gangsters, and a building on the outskirts inhabited by supernatural forces. They are the key elements of … Read more

Agustí Villaronga was also a master of horror ahead of his time: ‘99.9’ is one of the most chilling films in Spanish cinema and you can watch it streaming

Agusti Villaronga has passed away, and now that he is remembered for being well known for his sideways glances at the Spanish Civil Warit is worth reviewing his first stage, when he was a great genre director, after breaking out with the tremendous ‘Behind the glass‘ (1986) and the Crowlerian ‘the child of the moon‘ … Read more

The best FILMS that NETFLIX will premiere this 2023

We have already told you about the most anticipated series for this 2023, but today it is time to reveal the cinematographic novelties that, specifically, Netflix, has prepared for us for this 2023. Will you come with us to discover the new national and international premieres with which you will have an entertaining time this … Read more

Netflix: 5 horror films prohibited for those under 18 to see on the platform

Netflix doesn’t just host light series and romantic comedies. The streaming platform also hosts lots of horror movies, which does not displease lovers of great thrills. If you have already watched the series The Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toroand seen or reviewed it 2 which has again earned a place in the top … Read more

John Carpenter: 7 films to know and love a legendary director

Credits: Wikipedia/Nathan Hartley Maas When it comes to the history of cinema, there are few names that are brought up in any speech. One of them is definitely to John Carpenter, one of the cornerstones of the history of mediums, especially in the horror field that has inspired almost every filmmaker who has followed him. … Read more

Fallen remains one of Denzel Washington’s most underrated films | Pretty Reel

What if fallen angels were real and they spent their time fucking people waiting for Armageddon to happen? That’s probably the worst way to describe 1998’s Fallen, a suspenseful supernatural thriller that couldn’t quite take off in theaters, but became something of an underground cult classic – over time. In Philadelphia, notorious serial killer Edgar … Read more

Children’s films about sustainability and the environment | The time is

The interest in promoting the I respect And care environmental and animal has gone in increase. The Cinema industryaware of this, has included in his narrative new stories. Many of them designed to instruct, educate and move at new generations. Watching a movie, as well as being a activity of leisure very entertaining, allows you … Read more

What music in films and series to discover the week of January 11, 2023?

EXITS AT THE MOVIE THEATER OUR SELECTION OF THE WEEK WHAT TO SEE AT THE CINEMA FOR FILMS AND THEIR MUSIC ORIGINAL : Gabriel Yared meets the Italian director Pietro Marcello, who had called on Marco Messina for his first film “Martin Eden” (2019). Its orchestral score incorporates harp, mandolin, flutes, oboe, cello, horn… giving … Read more

Indiana Jones 5, Dune 2, Oppenheimer… The ten most anticipated films in 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny / Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse / Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 © Lucasfilm/Sony Animation/Paramount Pictures After a pandemic that will have harmed cinemas, 2022 has been a year of rebirth, with great popular successes like Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar: The Waterway and The Batman. Enough to … Read more