‘Bones and All’ And 9 Other Romantic Horror Movies

The romance genre is known for its central love story between two characters, often ending in a happy and emotionally satisfying conclusion that finally sees the two lovers together. While romantic tales span multiple genres, they are most commonly found in the romantic comedy genre made popular by films like When Harry Met Sally, Notting … Read more

10 Comedy Horror Shows You Need To Watch After “Wednesday”

The highly anticipated Tim Burton horror comedy series featuring Jenna Ortega about the daughter of the Addams family, Wednesdaypremiered on Netflix on November 23. The program quickly rose to the top of the lists of the most broadcast television programs in many countries. RELATED: 10 Funniest (And Scariest) Horror Comedies, Ranked Apart from the return … Read more

‘American Horror Stories: Lake’ review: An unsatisfying end to an uneven season


During the first minutes of American Horror Stories: Lakand, the camera traverses the darkness with lazy slowness. The rooms, corridors, streets, but especially the vicinity of Prescott Lake, offer a gloomy aspect. So much so that the immediate sensation is that what the images show occurs in a dream layer. It is not something casual. … Read more

1899 is the new Netflix horror series inspired by a true story


Hélder Lopes Meteored Portugal 2 hours ago 5 min The new Netflix production, titled 1899, is inspired by events that combine the disappearance of ships and European immigrants. Source: News and Technology “1899” was the result of the inspiration of Jantje Friese Y Baran Bo Odar. With this series, they sought to highlight the effects … Read more

Blade brings more than horror to the MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made great strides regarding creative direction after the events of Avengers: Endgame. While the Infinity Saga films showed the studios range of genres and how they could show these characters interacting in everything from a heist movie to a political thriller, Phase Four offered something much more. From Moon Knight … Read more

Test The Chant: a spiritual survival horror in the heart of Darkness


The test of The Chant game, published by Prime Matter and developed by Brass Token, was carried out on Xbox Series X. By Benjamin Levy – Blogger Published on November 28, 2022 at 11:18 PM. Last modification on December 5, 2022 at 6:50 p.m. The estimated time for reading this test is 8 min. 0 … Read more

The supernatural animes that you must see during the horror season | EarthGamer


There are several types of animation installments that can cause fear or horror, however, from the Japanese perspective, the supernatural issues in the animecan be approached in various ways, from a slightly more contemplative and spiritual perspective and, on the other hand, we also have another more grotesque and fearsome way. On this occasion we … Read more

Halloween Horror Nights opened its doors and so Universal Studios has “La Llorona” waiting for you


Universal Studios horror nights will fill you with horror and many screams will come out of your throat. Photo: Universal Studios / Courtesy Screams and more screams. Hollywood Horror Nights opened its doors and the nights at Universal Studios were dressed in terror. Making you scream from start to finish is a promise they can … Read more

Ridiculous Horror Movies And Why We Love Them


No, you’re not hallucinating. There really is a movie called cocaine bear release scheduled for early 2023. Directed by Elizabeth Banks and featuring Ray Liotta (in his last big screen appearance) and Keri Russell, it’s about a big black carnivore who stumbles upon an abandoned cache of cocaine, ingests it all, and becomes an unstoppable … Read more