Krzysztof Makowski: The Polish anthropologist who seeks to break Tello’s paradigm on Andean religion | Interview

Throughout 40 years, the Polish archaeologist Krzysztof Makowski has excavated and investigated important sites on the north and central Peruvian coast. And among the aspects that most caught his attention are the various pre-Hispanic religious iconographies that reveal complex belief systems that cannot be explained by following European models alone. In this volume, titled Gods … Read more

‘Interview with the Vampire’: the bloody AMC+ series knows how to distance itself from the film with Tom Cruise to do justice to Anne Rice’s text

Based on the iconic novel by Anne Rice‘interview with the vampire‘ follows Louis de Pointe’s epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality, as told to journalist Daniel Molloy. The series just premiered on AMC+ and it is a new dark and sumptuous adaptation that has surprised critics in the United States and … Read more

Interview with an Exorcist: “The devil is like a lion that is always on the prowl”

On December 26, 1973, what is considered one of the best horror films in history was released: The Exorcist. Possession of a little girl by a mythological demon and the fight of a priest to free her from torment he became a cult classic and the first feature film of this genre to be nominated … Read more

Interview with James Wan and Jason Blum: M3GAN | Pretty Reel

Universal Pictures is kicking off 2023 with a bang with upcoming horror-comedy M3GAN, which hits theaters on January 9. do anything, regardless of the morality in question. The story came from James Wan with a script by Akela Cooper of Malignant. Gerard Johnstone runs M3GAN, which offers a new horror IP after the recent remake … Read more

Interview with Oona Chaplin: Lullaby | Pretty Reel

From the director of Annabelle, Lullaby is available now in select theaters and on demand for those who like to scare. The supernatural horror film follows Rachel and John, a married couple who have just brought home their newborn baby. Everything seems to be going well until a leather-bound book appears in the mail and … Read more

Belén Rodríguez’s interview before her “war” with ‘Sálvame’: “There is a very good vibe”

More than a month after Belen Rodriguez appeared for the last time on television with his interview in ‘deluxe saturday‘, Los 40 have brought to light an interview of the collaborator with the Master Joao on his podcast “The Chosen One”. A meeting in which, in addition to talking about supernatural matters, the couple also … Read more


While his album “New Departure” will be released in 2023, Grégory Bakian, an experienced racing driver, talks about his memories behind the wheel and the bridges between this sport and music. Motor racing driver, Grégory Bakian (or simply Bakian, by his stage name) has rubbed shoulders with big names in Formula 1, such as Jules … Read more

Bosé, the series debuts on Paramount+: interview with Valeria Solarino who plays Lucia, Miguel’s mother

Arriving November 3 on Paramount+ Bosé, the biographical series on the eventful life of Miguel Bosè. We interviewed Valeria Solarino who plays the mother of the singer and dancer, Lucia Bosé. Carisma had plenty to spare Miguel Bose when he was at the height of success. And singing and dancing talent went hand in hand, … Read more

The art of the bizarre, exclusive interview with Fulvio Risuleo

————————————————– ——— UNICINEMA LAST MINUTE! – A NEW IDEA OF UNIVERSITY. STILL OPEN ENROLLMENTS FOR 2023! ————————————————– ——— Like a note on a strange pentagram, Fulvio Risuleo’s studio is set between an aqueduct, tracks and the Casilina, which together watch the Pigneto pour into Tor Pignattara. There, we meet him at the November 17th theatrical … Read more