“Maniac” par Junji Ito : le mangaka signe un retour sanglant sur Netflix

Âmes sensibles, s’abstenir. Corps décapités et mutilés, giclées de sang, esprits abandonnés à la folie, monstres terrifiants et humains perdus dans un univers cauchemardesque : l’œuvre de Junji Ito n’est pas à mettre devant tous les yeux. Et celles et ceux pensant être épargné·e·s par l’effroi sous prétexte que la série Maniac par Junji Ito … Read more

Junji Itô, splendid master of horror, honored in Angoulême

The event dedicated to the ninth art, exhibits for the first time the work of the undisputed master of horror storytelling in Japan. On the Japanese island of Honshū, a shy teenager drinks from the readings of Kazuo Umezu, the inventor of horror manga. A simple reading pleasure that will become a passion. Today at … Read more

Junji Ito Maniac: cosa c’è da sapere sull’horror Netflix | Lega Nerd

Netflix si cimenta in un’impresa degna di nota: dare vita ai racconti più orribili di Junji Ito. Ecco tutto ciò che sappiamo finora sull’antologia animata Junji Ito Maniac, la serie diretta da Shinobu Tagashira e scritta da Kaoru Sawada. La stagione di debutto della serie anime sarà composta da 12 episodi. I fan di Junji … Read more

Mimi’s Ghost Stories by ITO Junji

original edition: Mimi no Kaidan (Media Factory, 2002)National edition/Spain: Mimi’s Ghost Stories (ECC Editions, 2022)Script: ITO JunjiHe drew: ITO JunjiTranslation: Gabriel Alvarez MartinezFormat: Paperback with dust jackets. 226 pagesPrice: €9.95 From television to manga “Why do the arms and legs extend and contract?” It was the night of Halloween and in the manga newsroom we … Read more

Between vampires and Junji Ito: 5 horror anime to see on Halloween

In the last ten years horror it manifested itself overwhelmingly, and in various forms, within the anime hemisphere, quickly becoming one of the public’s favorite genres. It is no coincidence that among the most successful series we find titles such as Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen or the very fresh Chainsaw Man … Read more

Junji Ito’s new cartoon reveals its illustrations and the cast list!

See To hide the table of contents Netflix’s anime account has unveiled a new keyframe and announced the cast for Junji Ito’s new horror anime Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre. Netflix captioned the newly released image: “This is a spooky new keyframe for Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre by Junji Ito! Four more … Read more

I 10 racconti più terrificanti e ansiogeni di Junji Ito

Ecco a voi la lista dei 10 racconti horror più terrificanti e ansiogeni provenienti delle svariate raccolte di Junji Ito Non c’è narratore sulla Terra come Junji Ito. Fin dal suo debutto professionale nei manga nel 1987, ha terrorizzato i lettori con le sue storie macabre e le sue creazioni iconiche da brivido. Il mangaka … Read more