‘Nine days’, review: a valuable lesson on life in death

In several of the early sequences of Nine days, available on Apple TV+, the camera crosses what seems like an endless desert. In the center stands an old log cabin. There is nothing else that indicates the human presence or its possibility. Gradually, history will make it clear that this ageless place, which could belong … Read more

Zagrebelsky: “My totally random life in which the Russian soul is surfacing”

“I am angry, under the guise of meekness. There are situations in which I can’t control myself, for example, when it seems to me that I am in the presence of an abuse of power or I perceive bad faith in the interlocutor. After all, this is the Russian soul As time goes on, as … Read more

“I used cocaine heavily, had two overdoses, almost died”: the life story of William Arana, The Voice of the Daily Dose

WEEK: Who is William Arana? WILLIAM ARANA: It is the voice of the daily doses, a man who loves God and who decided to believe him, that is William Arana. WEEK: What are the daily doses? WA: The daily doses are reflection audios based on the instruction manual, as I call the word of God … Read more

Let It Snow, The Lord of the Ants, Love Life, The Angel of the Walls and DVD

The first part of our monthly column of DVD and Blu-ray reviewsto discover new releases often too hidden in the shadow of the most successful films, opens with Let It Snow, a thriller-horror with a particular setting, that of the great snowy expanses of the high mountains. Following the intense The lord of the ants … Read more

Francis’ missionary charism: evangelization as a testimony of life

The figure of the missionary proposed by the documents of the Church today has much in common with what Francis of Assisi suggested in his missionary service, and its essential manifestation is witness with one’s life. Jesus Christ proclaimed “the kingdom of the Father” not only through the preaching of the word, but also through … Read more