“The Fabelmans”: the intimate love letter that Spielberg sends to the cinema

Steven Spielberg looks back and revisits what made him fall in love with the seventh art in “The Fabelmans”, an autobiographical film in which he fictionalizes his childhood and adolescence and the way in which cinema accompanied him through the ups and downs of family life, and which arrived this Thursday at local theaters after … Read more

The Last of Us: Showrunner had to suppress his love for Game of Thrones to see Bella Ramsey as Ellie

The Last of Us: Showrunner had to suppress his love for Game of Thrones to see Bella Ramsey as Ellie A couple of years ago, when it was announced that Bella Ramsey would ellie in The Last of Us (100%)TV fans were quick to remember his work on Game of Thrones (59%)another acclaimed program from … Read more

John Carpenter: 7 films to know and love a legendary director

Credits: Wikipedia/Nathan Hartley Maas When it comes to the history of cinema, there are few names that are brought up in any speech. One of them is definitely to John Carpenter, one of the cornerstones of the history of mediums, especially in the horror field that has inspired almost every filmmaker who has followed him. … Read more

Dandadan: aliens, ghosts and absurd humor, why the manga is love at first sight

It is on October 5 that the first 2 volumes of Dandadan, very noticed manga of Yukinobu Tatsu. And future bookstore phenomenon in France? DANDADAN © 2021 by Yukinobu Tatsu/SHUEISHA Inc. ANGELS AND DEMONS We remember that Crunchyroll had hit hard a few months ago with the impressive release of Kaiju No. 8creation removed and … Read more

A story of pain and love, William Arana tells how he became The Voice of the Daily Dose

In the auditorium of a well-known hotel in Tel Aviv (Israel), there were more than 160 people from 12 different nations waiting anxiously for William Arana to walk through the door, as soon as they found out that he was in that country. The sweat on the hands, the gelatinous legs and the strong heartbeats … Read more

Let It Snow, The Lord of the Ants, Love Life, The Angel of the Walls and DVD

The first part of our monthly column of DVD and Blu-ray reviewsto discover new releases often too hidden in the shadow of the most successful films, opens with Let It Snow, a thriller-horror with a particular setting, that of the great snowy expanses of the high mountains. Following the intense The lord of the ants … Read more

‘Between life and death’, a Netflix supernatural love movie, the most watched in Ecuador | Television | Entertainment

Tessa and Skylar live the love that every couple would like to live, share tastes, be accomplices, be friends, etc., however, everything that can be dreamed of as a couple in this life ends when they experience a tragic situation, as manifested in the movie The In Between (Between life and death). The film, which … Read more

Do you remember teenagers in love on New Years? Here’s What They Look Like Now E! News UK

It was the 2011 film that featured one of the most A-List casts in recent cinematic history thanks to its huge ensemble cast, but there were a few love-struck teens who stole the hearts of fans of the movie. movie. Although it didn’t get top reviews from critics, the film was still a box office … Read more

The best TV series of 2022. Between love at first sight, revelations and disappointments | BonCulture

It was a decidedly intense 2022 for TV series lovers. With real love at first sight, many surprises and some, inevitable, disappointment. Below you will find some absolutely unsolicited advice, but which can be useful for catching up on things you haven’t seen, without presuming to exhaust the subject, given the by now oceanic television … Read more