The director of ‘M3GAN’ debuted with another great combination of horror and comedy: a twist on haunted houses with a lot of Peter Jackson that can be seen on streaming

Mixing horror and comedy still generates friction among some viewers, and strangeness among others. Is it possible that two more opposite tones than horror and joke coexist? Of course, hardline fans of fantasy know that it’s not only possible, but it takes being part of the genre cinema offer since time immemorial. In that sense, … Read more

Horror dolls in the cinema: from M3GAN to Chucky

M3GAN is the most recent release from horror movies. The sinister android is also the contemporary version of one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or directly dangerous, have been part of several of the most chilling movie stories. But, especially, they have an important weight in the way in which apparently … Read more

From M3GAN to Chucky: the history of horror dolls in cinema

M3GAN is the most recent release in horror cinema. The sinister android is also the contemporary take on one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or downright dangerous, have been some of the scariest cinematic stories. But, in particular, they carry great weight in the way seemingly naive objects are analyzed from … Read more


Starting Thursday, January 19, the science fiction and horror film produced by James Wan based on his own idea is being shown simultaneously with the main movie theaters in the country. M3GAN is a marvel of artificial intelligence, a doll programmed to be the best companion for children and the greatest ally for parents. Designed … Read more

From Chucky to M3gan: these killer dolls made it big in the movies

The so-called “killer toys” or killer toys have always stood out in horror movies. The triumph at the international box office of “M3gan”, the most recent film in the genre, has given them new impetus among younger viewers, also exploiting the fascination and fear of technological advances. These types of fictional characters recreate based on … Read more

M3gan, Annabelle, Chucky… these movie dolls are scary

For horror fans, a photo of Chucky with Annabelle It would be a desired portrait that would pay tribute to that subgenre of the possessed, evil and terrifyingly cute dolls that seems to have a new air at this moment. (Also: ‘M3gan’, the diabolical doll: this is the robotic Annabelle that arrives at the cinema) … Read more

There is an alternative uncensored version of M3GAN | CINEMA PREMIERE

Blumhouse has another hit in his pocket. His new production has had a great reception from critics in the territories in which it has been released. Now it was announced that there is an alternate version of M3GANthe horror film that has taken the world by surprise. M3GAN, produced by James Wan, puts a very … Read more

M3gan. The review of the horror produced by James Wan

Almost a dizzying “family” film made in James Wan, which between Columbus and Dante tries to conquer other imaginaries. Too bad I can’t get rid of the laboratory project aftertaste ————————————————– ———— FOR THE HOLIDAYS 30% DISCOUNT ON THE WILD PATHS SHOP ————————————————– ———— It is, as usual, a matter of choices. —————————- GIFT THE … Read more