“The theater is open!”: a rich program of shows at the Novafeltria Theater

“Reopening a theater is like opening a garden, in the center of which is a large tree. The roots of the theater are as old as humanity: rituals, celebrations, games. […] “Letting a beautiful and ancient theater be inhabited by artists means investing in those who put care, love and patience into … Read more

The illusion of the Three Kings is lived in À Punt with a special program

The Valencian public television has prepared a special program for the kings weekthe last of the school holidays, which come loaded with interesting proposals for adults and children. On Thursday, January 5 in the morning, the youth mini-series premieres ‘mópies’ (Ele geminate) starting at 11:30 a.m., from Thursday to Saturday, and ending on Sunday at … Read more

The BBC broadcasts the first television program

The 26 August 1936, 86 years ago today, the British public broadcaster BBC broadcast the first television program in history, after having begun experimenting with the broadcast of live images since 1932. What is the history of the BBC? “With the first television experiments launched, on Christmas Eve in 1933 he achieved the first broadcast … Read more

Climate change for preschoolers: a television program explores uncharted terrain

Francis Gaskin, 4, watching “Octonauts: Mission to Earth,” a spin-off series of a long-running BBC show available on Netflix that explicitly addresses climate change, with his mother, Stephanie, in Houston, on September 23, 2022. (Brandon Thibodeaux/The New York Times) Francis Gaskin, 4, who lives with his family in Houston, has a favorite episode of his … Read more

Louvre Museum and “La nuit des Choses”: program for the evening of January 13, 2023

For the last days of the exhibition “Les Choses. A History of Still Life”, the Louvre Museum offers an exceptional evening of concerts, shows, workshops and meetings. Friday 13 January, from 6.30pm to 9.45pm, “La Nuit des Choses” A unique opportunity to see Paris and attend the shows offered on the occasion of “Nuit des … Read more

Christmas double program

Por: Juan Pablo Martínez Zúñiga “SPIRITED: HOLIDAY SPIRIT” (“SPIRITED”) – APPLE TV+ “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens should be the general plan for the story about that festivity par excellence, being the subject of countless adaptations and variants that range from iterations to the beginning of cinematography with “Scrooge, or Marley’s Ghost” (Booth , … Read more

Opinion: ‘Los Espookys’ is the best program you are missing

D.write the premise of The Spookies, HBO’s wackiest sitcom and its first primarily Spanish-language original series, is easy enough. A very diverse group of friends open a business in which they organize fake supernatural events for the people who pay them. In the first episode, airing three years ago, the team is hired by an … Read more

What happened to the program ‘They are here’: it leaves RCN and now it will have a new home

Photo: RCN Channel For several years thatThey are here‘ has become one of the flagship programs of RCN Televisionbecause in addition to having generated good audience ratings, the space dedicated to paranormal phenomena obtained recognition for ‘Best journalistic and informative program’ at the 2018 Magazine TV awards. And although it had four successful seasons, the … Read more

Discover the special Halloween program from Netflix and Disney+

That’s it, the month of October is here! It’s almost time to get out the pumpkins and spooky decorations to prepare for Halloween! On the occasion of this celebration of fear, the Disney+ and Netflix streaming platforms have planned a terrible program especially for your little monsters and ghosts… So we settle down quietly on … Read more