Saudi Arabia releases over 1,500 endangered animals in AlUla

RUMAH: In the golden dunes of the Saudi desert, herder Hamad al-Marri emits cries incomprehensible to all but his dromedaries, which react instantly and gather behind him in marching order, continuing a centuries-old oral tradition. Accompanied by songs and gestures, this form of expression called Alheda’a makes it possible to lead herds of camelids across … Read more

The video game releases of January 2023 between Dead Space Remake and Forspoken

January it is always a dull and empty month, which passes slowly and also in a rather boring way. So how can we fight this post-holiday emptiness? Very simple: discovering together i video games to be released in January 2023 and choose our next adventure. So what are the video games to be released in … Read more

The cinema releases of Wednesday January 11

Discover our cinema selection among the releases of Wednesday January 11! The Flight of Pietro Marcello Presented at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival to launch the Directors’ Fortnight, Flight mixes the codes of fantastic stories with the historical context of the First World War, creating an atmosphere on the border between the real and the … Read more

Reservation Dogs, The Rig, Madoff… What are the week’s streaming releases worth?

Are you looking for ideas for series, films or documentaries to discover or catch up on streaming? Here is our selection of the week. ©Disney+ Reservation Dogs – Season 2 As the heroes, a band of young Native Americans, finally had to leave their Oklohama reservation to join the California of their dreams, a tornado … Read more

The 4 best releases to watch this weekend on Netflix

As it happens every week Netflix updates its catalog and continues betting on the genres that most captivate its subscribers by adding new series and movies so that its subscribers never run out of anything to watch. Here we review the 4 best premieres of Netflix to watch this weekend: Ginny and Georgia – Season … Read more

Cinema releases of January 4: Tirailleurs, Les Survivors…

What are the cinema releases for the week of January 4, 2023? Skirmishers, The survivors… Every week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, and selects some interesting releases and must-see films (for good or bad reasons). With Omar Sy which empties magazines, a strange story about a woodcutter (literally), a Denis Menochet lost in … Read more

Jurassic Parc, Hunters season 2… Amazon Prime Video releases in January 2023

news culture Jurassic Parc, Hunters season 2… Amazon Prime Video releases in January 2023 Published on 06/01/2023 at 13:05 To start the year 2023 well, Amazon has decided to bring all Prime Video subscribers some cult nuggets of cinema, but also a handful of exclusive films and series to watch closely. That’s good, we’ve compiled … Read more