Agustí Villaronga was also a master of horror ahead of his time: ‘99.9’ is one of the most chilling films in Spanish cinema and you can watch it streaming

Agusti Villaronga has passed away, and now that he is remembered for being well known for his sideways glances at the Spanish Civil Warit is worth reviewing his first stage, when he was a great genre director, after breaking out with the tremendous ‘Behind the glass‘ (1986) and the Crowlerian ‘the child of the moon‘ … Read more

Disney +, the TV Series in streaming in September 2022

September is the month of Disney+ Day. Many first-run TV series are arriving, including Mike, Pistol, Andor and The Old Man. A new Disney+ Day is upon us and that means lots of new original and first-run content coming to Disney+. On the day The Walt Disney Company celebrates its streaming platform, this year on … Read more

Prime Video: The TV Series streaming in November 2022

This month comes the dramedy with James Corden Mammals and the Italian shows Prova Prova Sa Sa and Celebrity Hunted: Caccia all’uomo. Laughter and adventure in November on Prime Videos. Between TV series and entertainment programs coming to the service stream there is also a lot of Italy. We laugh (bitterly) with MammalsJames Corden plays … Read more

Copenhagen Cowboy: from today on Netflix Nicolas Refn’s new affront to TV and streaming

As promised by Copenhagen Cowboy official trailer published a few weeks ago, from today on Netflix the new work of the Danish author arrives exclusively Nicolas Winding Refna real ‘affront’ to TV series and the possibilities of streaming. As per tradition, we present you below 5 curiosities about Copenhagen Cowboys to discover before pressing play. … Read more

Disney +, the TV series streaming in December 2022

In December the new The mystery of the Templars: The series and The Patient debut and American Horror Story returns with season 11. The Christmas of Disney+ will be full of adventure and… terror. Sensible for the multinational that has “given” to the world Nightmare Before Christmas. In December, the offer of TV series of … Read more

The director of ‘M3GAN’ debuted with another great combination of horror and comedy: a twist on haunted houses with a lot of Peter Jackson that can be seen on streaming

Mixing horror and comedy still generates friction among some viewers, and strangeness among others. Is it possible that two more opposite tones than horror and joke coexist? Of course, hardline fans of fantasy know that it’s not only possible, but it takes being part of the genre cinema offer since time immemorial. In that sense, … Read more

What to watch if you like ‘Smile’: 3 terrifying movies with curses and supernatural evil forces available on streaming for a scary night

Very few saw it coming and it is becoming the sensation of the horror genre of the moment. With an effective campaign, fabulous execution and good word of mouth (or smile to ear) we are witnessing how ‘smile‘ is becoming quite a sensation. Again, the key is how well it executes its ideas and also … Read more

What to see by Angelo Badalamenti: 3 great movies available on streaming where their great soundtrack ended up making them essential

Last night the death of a fundamental figure of cinema in its sound expression and also emotional. Angelo Badalamenti He passed away at the age of 85, leaving behind an immense musical legacy through a very select filmography. Thanks to him we were able to feel immense pity for a young woman we hardly knew … Read more

Where to watch Friday the 13th horror movies streaming?

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 1/13/2023 06:00 a.m. This 2023 we will only have one Friday the 13th throughout the year and it will only be this month of January, although it is believed that behind this there are a series of superstitions that only occur on this day. But if you don’t believe in them, … Read more