Nicki Aycox, ‘Supernatural’, ‘CSI’ and ‘Cold Cold’ actress, dies at 47

A.B.C. Play Updated:11/23/2022 12:20 p.m. Keep Nicki Aykox She was a popular actress, known for series like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Cold Case’, who had also participated in such prominent titles as ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘The X-Files’ and ‘CSI’. Great fighter, her first setback in her life was musical. When it seemed that she would succeed in that … Read more

This is Weird West, the supernatural version of the Wild West where no two stories are the same

Devolver Digital presents a story set in the Wild West and with many supernatural elements After waiting for it for several years, Weird West finally it came to the market with an interesting battery of promises and a very particular aesthetic. Players can now immerse themselves in this otherworldly version of the Wild West and … Read more

The incredible physical change of the actor Misha Collins after leaving the role of Supernatural

The actor Misha Collins had one of the most important roles in the Supernatural series, where he was always helping the Winchester brothers. Now, two years after his departure, the star has had an incredible change that has helped him for his new roles. January 15, 2023 1:36 p.m. The actor Misha Collins joined the … Read more

Supernatural beings that roam in the dark

Ghost stories date back to ancient times, and it is precisely these stories that fit into literature, television series and endless movies. Everywhere we find ourselves there are stories related to ghosts. In some places they are called the widow, the bogeyman, the k’achachola (beautiful and elegant chola), fonbondin (in Gambia and Senegal), etc. At … Read more

What to watch if you like ‘Smile’: 3 terrifying movies with curses and supernatural evil forces available on streaming for a scary night

Very few saw it coming and it is becoming the sensation of the horror genre of the moment. With an effective campaign, fabulous execution and good word of mouth (or smile to ear) we are witnessing how ‘smile‘ is becoming quite a sensation. Again, the key is how well it executes its ideas and also … Read more

Supernatural Creatures We Want To See In Season 2 | Pretty Reel

While Wednesday was very much a movie about outcasts and belonging, on the face of it, it’s a creature feature. The outcasts of Nevermore Academy are far from typical teenagers. In fact, they are monstrous. But, among whom else would a dark, rich and charming character like Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) fit? After all, she’s the … Read more

The supernatural drama that has had Netflix users hooked for almost two months

Montego Air Flight 828 lands safely after a turbulent but routine journey. However, not everything is what it seems. (Netflix) Manifest) is an American supernatural drama series, originally premiered in September 2018 on nbc. It centers on the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner who suddenly reappears, after being presumed dead 5 years earlier, … Read more

10 Supernatural TV Shows That Deserve Their Own Movie

Magic, mystery, creatures and ghosts – all things that make a supernatural movie so intriguing. They go beyond common understandings of humanity’s perception of reality and introduce viewers to a world of complex mythology. In the history of cinema, this darker and more frightening genre has flourished in the medium of television. From Teen Wolf, … Read more