Criticism of the film Pray for us: Marian terror

Criticism of Pray for us, a horror film directed by Evan Spiliotopoulos that adapts the novel by James Herbert and has Sam Raimi in the production. A proposal that mixes Marian apparitions and miracles with witch hunts. Premiere on April 3, 2021, and now available in the Netflix catalog. Synopsis Gerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) … Read more

Korean film “El Closet” starts “Summer of Terror” at Cinemark

– This advertising helps maintain this site – 1st Cycle “Summer of Terror” in Cinemark Starts this Thursday, January 19. Feature films “El Closet” and “Historias Siniestras” will be screened exclusively and in the original language at Cinemark In the last decade, South Korea has established itself as one of the most prolific film centers … Read more

The Houses of Terror open their doors in Guayaquil, in malls, parks and theaters | People | Entertainment

In different parts of the north, center and south of Guayaquil, spaces have been set up for those who enjoy the sensation of a good scare; The cost of this entertainment ranges from $8 to $3, depending on the age of the visitor (not all of these haunted houses are suitable for small children). Animatronics … Read more

‘Terrifier 2’ and Art The Clown, terror not suitable for sensitive minds

The director Damien Leone made ‘Terrifier 2’ an ode for lovers of horror, gore and disgusting scenes, a film that will change the genre forever Terrifier 2 arrived at Cinemex and Cinépolis a couple of months late, but with the same hype unleashed in the United States. Despite director Damien Leone’s warnings about its brutality, … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan explores guilt through terror with the final season of Servant

For M. Night Shyamalan the supernatural genre is a universe that allows him to be himself and focus on his strengths as a creator. This is why he has enjoyed making the Servant series so much for almost four years, as it led him to explore the fault and the painthrough the inexplicable. “The approach … Read more

Terror settled in theaters! Scary movies that are released in the last quarter of 2022 | Cinema | Entertainment

The 2022 has seen a renaissance horror genre on the screens. The supernatural ghost stories, the overflowing blood (or the gore) and scares have been welcome all year long and luckily for horror fans there are still scary movies and thriller that are to come in the last quarter of the year to the cinemas. … Read more

42 películas de terror y fantástico que deberías haber visto en 2022

Los artículos de Daniel Farriol:42 películas de terror y fantástico que deberías haber visto en 2022 Ha llegado el momento de hacer repaso a lo mejor o más destacado que ha tenido 2022 en cuanto al cine de terror, ciencia-ficción y cine fantástico en general. En general, podemos decir que ha sido un gran año para … Read more

Review of Men: Terror In The Shadows

Let’s think about the creatures that exist in the cinema with the purpose of causing us horror. Supernatural entities, vampires, the living dead… beings whose anatomies are usually extraordinary and terrifying, completely opposite to any form we know in real life, and therefore impact us, achieving their main goal. The idea of ​​their presence is … Read more