Agustí Villaronga was also a master of horror ahead of his time: ‘99.9’ is one of the most chilling films in Spanish cinema and you can watch it streaming

Agusti Villaronga has passed away, and now that he is remembered for being well known for his sideways glances at the Spanish Civil Warit is worth reviewing his first stage, when he was a great genre director, after breaking out with the tremendous ‘Behind the glass‘ (1986) and the Crowlerian ‘the child of the moon‘ … Read more

Prime Time TV Shows and Movies Tonight Thursday 19 January 2023. Tonight on TV Today

TV shows tonight Advertising Tonight on TV: Here are the TV shows and movies in prime time: May God help us, The Equalizer 2: Without Forgiveness, Splendid Frame, Forehand and Backhand, Juventus – Monza, Coppa Italia Tim Cup Quarter Finals, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Clean Square, Those Good Girls, Milan Palermo – … Read more

“Howl”, by Allen Ginsberg, a poem ahead of its time

MIAMI— “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,” he read Allen Ginsberg the beginning of his poem Howl (howl), at the Six Gallery, in San Francisco, California, on October 7, 1955, while performing it theatrically. The extensive poem, published by the Anagrama publishing house in a careful bilingual edition, caused a … Read more

“Island”, chapters 5 and 6 in PREMIERE: what time does it come out and where to watch Cha Eun Woo’s drama?

The k-drama”islands” its first part culminates with the premiere of chapters 5 and 6. What surprises will it bring in its third week on the air? Based on Yoon In Wan’s popular webtoon of the same name with Yang Kyung Il, the korean series starring Cha Eun Woo, Lee Da Hee, and Kim Nam Gil … Read more

Children’s films about sustainability and the environment | The time is

The interest in promoting the I respect And care environmental and animal has gone in increase. The Cinema industryaware of this, has included in his narrative new stories. Many of them designed to instruct, educate and move at new generations. Watching a movie, as well as being a activity of leisure very entertaining, allows you … Read more

Carlos Leyes, the “all terrain” of the Formoseña theater scene: “Local theater is experiencing a time of great development and recognition”

In 2021, a work entirely made in Formosa was premiered before the local public: “El Fortín de los Caranchos”, which gained intense notoriety in the public from the very actions of its promotion. NEA TODAY spoke with Carlos Leyes, the man behind the adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic to find out in depth how this successful … Read more

Death of Pelé: the world press bows to the “King”, the greatest player of all time

The images of the “King”, who died this Thursday at the age of 82, are looping on televisions around the world, flooding social networks and engulfing the front pages of newspaper websites, before their publication. Pelé is dead, but Pelé is ‘immortal’: media around the world hail the legendary Brazilian who died aged 82 on … Read more

Netflix’s 2nd Best TV Show Is One of the Most Underrated Shows of All Time

In 2016, two iconic shows about girls with superpowers hit netflix. One of them was stranger things. The other was a mind-bending mystery set in a small town with an evil scientist who conducted inhumane experiments. One of these shows is no longer airing. And yet, The OA is still Netflix’s second-best mine-diving TV show. … Read more